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2022-04-13 08:01
The film depicts a timeless moment of teenage: intimacy, dissatisfaction with the world, grotesque behavior, and anxiety about morality (…). This first cry of work also represents the birth of a cutting-edge French director.
Steady from three young actresses, the film easily steers clear of clichés and stereotypes.
-- " Liberation Daily "
The film uses a suitable framing distance to present the tortured eroticism of teenagers just right, without exaggeration, and it also isolates the suspicion of peeping.
- " Le Parisien "
I have always liked to watch films with female themes, especially literary films with delicate expressions. It's easy to see this movie from the title(Another translation: Water Lilies ), if not attracted by the poster, I would have missed it.
The poster somehow shows the delicate relationship between the two heroines. Ferrosy Anna looked straight ahead with indifferent eyes; Marcy blepharoptosis , with a lonely expression, put her head next to Ferrosy Anna, just as she longed to approach in the film.
Rosy Anna's eyes left a deep impression on me in the film, the first time she pushed the door out of the locker room and cast a brief, extremely unfriendly glance at Marcy who was guarding the door; The second time was in the bathroom of the party place. Marcy praised her performance. Instead of being grateful and delighted, she rudely asked "where is the beauty", her eyes were very indifferent. This makes people wonder, is this beautiful Artistic swimming team captain too proud, or is she very dissatisfied and always feels that the world owes her something? Is this the same sweet smile that attracted Marcy during the game? Marcy didn't back down, and stubbornly asked Ferrosy Anna to take her into the swimming pool to watch her training in exchange for doing anything for Ferrosy Anna. If Marcy knew what Rosy Anna would have her do in the first place, would she have made such a commitment? She didn't care about these concerns, she just wanted to break into Rosy Anna's world.
Marcy's feelings for Rosy Anna cannot be simply attributed to love, but an infatuation, a variation in the process of growth and transformation. At such an age, she began to become rebellious and restless like so many teenagers: her performances in the children's group left her feeling dull, dissatisfied with her childish slender arms, and viciously attacked her "childish king". "Friend Anna. When the youthful Ferrosy Anna came into her field of vision like a blooming daffodil, she was instantly addicted. The following and admiration for Rosy Anna made her seem humble, and perhaps love and dedication are humble in themselves. Marcy was used by Ferrosy Anna as a collaboration tool to escape from the house and meet the boys in the water polo: For the first time, she was waiting outside the underground parking lot to pass the time bored with the small round fruit, and she was heartbroken to Ferrosy Anna, who came back from the date. You reluctantly said, "It took so long to come out", which was a complaint, but also a temptation; the second time, she did not want to stay and wait after sending Rosy and Anna to the date, and stubbornly turned her head and left, unexpectedly , Fu Rosy Anna actually caught up and left with her. Maybe from this time on, the two have "cleared up" between them, ending the previous exchange conditions and becoming friends. Rosy Anna explains her innocence to Marcy and expresses her long-standing troubles in her heart. On the surface, it looks very open, but Rosy Anna, who was suspected by her teammates to have affairs with many boys, is actually still a virgin and has never had sex with any boys. The boys thought she was hot, and the girls excluded her; in front of outsiders, she didn't make any excuses, but embraced their suspicions, making the misunderstanding look more like the truth. All she cares about is that the "strong outsiders" under her cover is exposed one day, and she will be ridiculed by the boys.
Near the end of the film, there is a scene where Rosy and Anna are dancing alone, and everyone around is talking and laughing, no one pays attention to what she is doing. This should be a symbol, symbolizing that she has been lingering in her own troubles, and also symbolizing that she has broken through the eyes of others, like a daffodil that blooms on the water.
I really love the character of Marcy, her personality, her obsession resonates with me. There are two scenes in the film that make me feel quite sad. One of them is Marcy quietly picking up a bag of trash thrown by Rosy Anna, which is full of waste paper, cans, and leftover apples. Marcy is careful. She took a bite of the apple, I believe what she tasted was the bitter taste of unrequited love; there was another scene where she was sitting outside the house of Rosy Anna, looking in despair at the light from the window (she thought that Anna Rosy was making peace with her) A certain man), when she got home, she frantically picked up the trash that had been treasured and threw it on the ground angrily, biting her arm to suppress the tears that were about to flow. For Rosy Anna, Marcy is her confidant and a friend who can accompany her to implement a crazy plan and rescue her. That's all, emotional imbalance is destined to hurt the most serious people.
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  • Shaun 2022-04-22 07:01:59

    Unique, Mary's face is the face of my favorite model

  • Lamar 2022-04-19 09:03:18

    The biggest feeling after watching it is that the average French person is bisexual. The relationship between every two people is too ambiguous, neither like love nor friendship, or the director really understands girls too well, and grasps the kind of jealousy that gradually develops. Complicated feelings, what she photographed is the real state. I am not a straight man, and I have no choice but to get lost in the beautiful youth and beauty of the girls.

Water Lilies quotes

  • Marie: Who cares about being normal?

  • Marie: The ceiling is probably the last thing most people see. For at least 90% of people that die. For sure. And when you die, the last thing you see is printed in your eye. Like a photo. Imagine the number of people with ceilings in their eyes.

    Floriane: Ceilings will never seem the same.

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