Water movie plot

2022-03-21 08:01
The story of the film takes place in India in 1938. An 8-year-old girl, Chu Ya, was married at an ignorant age. The memory of the wedding is blurred, and she has no idea about the meaning of marriage. The 70-year-old husband is in the Soon after the marriage, she died, and little Chuya became a widow. According to Indian tradition, widows have only three choices: one is to marry the younger brother of her deceased husband;
Chuya was sent to the "Widows' House" in Banaras. All widows who came here had to cut off their blue silk and wear white robes. They were isolated from the world and died in silence. Chu Ya, who was disobedient to discipline, turned the "widow's house" upside down. At the same time, she also got to know Shakuntara, who was resolute and taciturn, and Kalyani, who was beautiful and had exceptionally beautiful hair. It turns out that the latter is the economic source of the "widow's house". The widow leader Madumati forced Kalyani to go into prostitution, so as to obtain the living expenses of all the widows.
Kalyani met the young and promising Narayan, who was a follower of Gandhi, and the two fell in love. Narayan wanted to marry Kalyani, but his mother refused. One day, Narayan decided to bring Kalyani back to the house on the other side of the river, but Kalyani, who escaped from the "widow's house", found out that Narayan's father had had a physical transaction with her, and Kalyani was despairing. Ni threw herself into the river.
With no source of income, Madumati began to play Chuya's idea, lure her with candy to the mansion across the river. When Shakuntala saw Chuya again, the ravaged Chuya was in a coma. Shakuntala held the poor Chuya and rushed out of the "widow's house" desperately and sent the little girl to the Fires car and let her follow Narayan to find Gandhi's protection.
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  • Haven 2022-04-24 07:01:25

    The end credits are shocking and cast deep doubt on whether the little girl's final fate was finally saved. This movie is a bull, even though everything has been set up so badly, when all changes seem to be coming, tell you that nothing has changed, women still can only accept their fate, or only hope to be a man in the next life, hey .

  • Verona 2022-03-28 09:01:13

    I used to think that God is the truth, but now I think that the truth is God. ---- Gandhi

Water quotes

  • Kalyani: 'Learn to live like the lotus untouched by the filthy water it grows in.' Krishnaji said it in the Geeta

    Narayana: Krishna was a god. Not everyone can live like the lotus flower.

    Kalyani: Yes, they can.

  • Shakuntala: Why are we widows sent here? There must be a reason for it.

    Narayana: One less mouth to feed. Four saris saved, one bed, and a corner is saved in the family home. There is no other reason you are here. Disguised as religion, it's just about money.

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