We Are the Nobles movie plot

2022-04-16 08:01
The film tells the story of a rich self-made man and his three idle children. The three young people are all in their twenties and live a lavish life on their father's money, so the father directs a scam to make the children think they are bankrupt and move the whole family to a low income slums. There, kids have to do something they've never done before: find real jobs.
The hilarious plot unfolds after eldest son Javi laments his black card (American Express credit card) and Blackberry (BlackBerry) being cancelled. Harvey gets a job driving a minibus on the chaotic streets of Mexico City. The aptly named daughter Barbie finds a job as a waitress in a raunchy bar. When Barbie was told the bar staff were splitting their tips, she whimpered, "But we're not in Cuba!" The youngest son, who dabbled in Buddhism and yoga, became the lowest level of capitalist: a bank teller, He has to take orders from a sex-hungry female boss. 
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  • Madonna 2022-04-16 09:01:09

    Mexican taste really doesn't suit me

  • Nola 2022-04-16 08:01:01

    The family is small and warm, the same routine in different languages

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