White Noise 2: The Light movie plot

2022-03-23 08:01
Abel had just lost his wife and children 3 months ago, and he was disheartened and thought of taking medicine to commit suicide. Fortunately, the hospital rescued him in time to save him from the death line. The surviving Abel has always seen or heard strange phenomena since then. He can always see people with prominent white light on their bodies, and these people are people who are about to die. Abel has the power to predict death. Thinking of the pain of losing a loved one, Abel decided to use this ability to save more people. Abel rescued an old man, a young man and Shirley, a nurse in the hospital.
One night, while watching the video tape in front of his wife and daughter, Abel suddenly found a familiar face, and that person was Henry, the murderer who killed his wife and daughter. Abel felt that things were strange and visited Henry's wife. Abel learned from Henry's wife that Henry had a similar experience. He also had the ability to predict the death of others, and Henry had saved a lot of people. Among them, Abel's wife and children were also rescued by Henry. Abel got many books about gods and death from Henry's room, which confused Abel. Even more startling, Henry's wife said that Henry is still alive and is being held in a nearby mental hospital.
Abel immediately went to the mental hospital to see Henry. Henry said many unbelievable things to Abel, and also told Abel that he should not save people. Slowly, Abel learned from the TV that the people Henry had saved had killed more people on the third day. Abel also got a revelation in Henry's book. It turned out that although Abel saved these people, it has violated the causal connection. Terrible things will happen on the third day after using the white light to save people. Afterwards, the old man and young man Abel rescued had accidents one after another.
At this time, Abel was in love with the nurse Shirley. In order not to hurt more people, Abel had to decide to kill Shirley, but he also saw a white light on himself. On the third day after Shirley was rescued, Abel and Shirley met at a bar. Shirley had already guessed the whole story. Just as Abel was about to shoot Shirley with a gun, Abel was fired by the police next to him. Shot dead. And Shirley, who was sent to the hospital, also became mad in the ambulance. Fortunately, Abel's soul calmed all this down. He took Shirley away without causing more injuries.
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Extended Reading
  • Weston 2022-04-24 07:01:25

    A more doctrinal thriller, the facts tell you not to save a person who should have died, otherwise you will be entangled by other ghosts that you have not saved successfully, and the person who has been successful will also fall into evil and collapse on the third day. The male protagonist who acted as a prophet and saint not long ago finally took his own life in order to interfere with the female protagonist's collapse and hurt others.

  • Fatima 2022-04-24 07:01:25

    The biggest loophole in the film: the police and doctors who saved countless lives do not have to live.

White Noise 2: The Light quotes

  • Henry Caine: [repeated Line] And on the third day... Christ rose again... but what about the devil?

  • Henry Caine: [repeated Line] If you save a life... you are responsible for it

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