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2022-04-15 08:01
In the history of the British court, the most notable is the Tudor dynasty (generally refers to the period 1485-1603, after Henry VII entered England, 'ywysogaeth Cymru and Ireland in 1485, a dynasty created, ruled the Kingdom of England and its The area around the Dependent Territory.) During the reign. Compared with the nine dynasties of Norman, Gorse, City Of Lancaster , York, Stuart, Hanover, Windsor, etc., the Tudor dynasty is the most topical and dramatic one. Watching the British drama "Wolf Hall", the audience needs to make up a brief history of Britain.
After Henry VII, the founder of the Tudor dynasty, was firmly seated on the throne of England, he ordered his eldest son Arthur Tudor to marry the Spanish princess Catherine. Arthur soon died of illness, and his brother Henry continued to marry a widow-in-law for political reasons, and he succeeded him as Henry VIII . Catherine gave birth to Henry VIII's daughter Mary, the " Bloody Mary " that would later become synonymous with the horror of blood . Henry did not accept Catherine emotionally, so he began an emotional life that has made the whole world gossip to this day. "Divorce, remarry , execution of the queen, remarry, widowed, remarry, execution of the queen again, remarry." constitutes his entire love history. Of course, Henry VIII contributed not only scandals, but also political achievements to later generations. For example, he implemented Reformation , which made the United Kingdom break away from the Roman Catholic Church; the control of the Catholic Church laid the cornerstone for the rise of the United Kingdom   .
However, "Wolf Hall" is not a romantic work about the love between men and women. It tells the story of the Tudor dynasty under Henry VIII century from the perspective of Henry VIII chief Secretary of State Thomas Cromwell . Thomas Cromwell, who was not a nobleman, tried to get Britain out of the Roman Catholic Church; the control of the Catholic Church changed from a religious country to a secularization country, so he helped Henry VIII divorce Catherine and marry Anne Boleyn , who won the king's favor and was promoted to Chief Secretary of State . Since then, he has set out to formulate the whole set of institutions for this new England, promoting the interests of the new aristocracy and the bourgeoisie, and laying the foundation for the parliamentary politics of the future British Empire .
Divertingness is that Thomas Cromwell, who was a courtier in Britain in the sixteenth century, had a similar fate to Nian Gengyao , who often accompanied the emperor during the Yongzheng period of the Qing Dynasty. After being in power, Henry VIII had the illusion that he was the master and could control him, and was finally executed in 1540. 
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    The whole play interprets Cromwell's self-deprecating sentence: "The fool who ran errands for Ann Boleyn looks like a murderer." involved. Although the marriage change of Hengba took a long time, it was far from the highlight of the court.

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