Women in Love movie plot

2022-07-08 16:26
In the British coal mining town of the 1920s, my sister Ursula and my sister Goodland were both school teachers. At a wedding, they met school inspector Rupert Birkin and miner Gerald Kitsch. Soon, Ursula married Birkin. After the marriage, the four of them went to Ruitu for vacation together. In the process, Goodland lost interest in Keech and fell in love with a young German sculptor. Kitsch tried to kill Goodland, but was unsuccessful. So, in the midst of the wind and snow, he walked into the deep valley alone, and froze to death on the snow   .
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Women in Love quotes

  • Hermione Roddice: Dreadful. All this strife and dissension. If we could only realise that... in the spirit, we are all one, all equal in the spirit. All brothers there. The rest wouldn't matter. There'd be no more of this carping, envy... all this struggle for power, which destroys... only destroys.

    Rupert Birkin: It's just the opposite, Hermione, just the contrary. The minute you begin to compare, one man becomes far better than another. All the inequality in the world that you can imagine is there by nature. I want every man to have his fair share of the world's goods... so I can be rid of his importunity, so that I can say to him: 'Now you've got what you want, your fair share of the world's gear. Now, you mind yourself, and don't obstruct me.'

  • Rupert Birkin: Gudrun Brangwen. Gerald Crich. Tibby and Laura Lupton. Ursula Brangwen. Rupert Birkin. What peculiar names we all have. Do you think we've been singled out, chosen for some extraordinary moment in life, or are we all cursed with the mark of Cain?

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