Bed & Board movie plot

2022-07-08 21:38
The 25-year-old Antoine Doinel (Jean-Pierre Léaud) married Colette (Marie-France Pisier) and opened a small flower shop downstairs that was loved by her neighbors. , Although the days are ordinary, they are also full of little sadness and little sweetness. By accident, he got a job in a water conservancy company. After meeting the glamorous Japanese woman Kyoko (Hiroko Berghauer) at work, he was deeply attracted by the exoticism of each other, and the two fell in love. Christine separated. But while living with Oriental Beauty, the huge cultural differences caused him to finally leave Kyoko and return to Christine. 
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Bed & Board quotes

  • Christine Doinel: Do what you have to do, but let me be. I'm not proud and never have been, so I can tell you: I still love you. But I'd rather not see you anymore.

  • Antoine Doinel: l'd like to kiss you.

    Christine Doinel: Me too...

    Antoine Doinel: Tenderly.

    Christine Doinel: Me too...

    Antoine Doinel: Is that true?

    Christine Doinel: It's true.

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