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2022-07-05 17:38
In this film, Wind Man's use of color is extremely extravagant and bold, and he renders a dilapidated and dirty squatter house like a dream. Originally, the original novel was a realistic work with a strong realism style, but under the design of Wind Man, the film is as publicized as an impressionist painting. Every scene in the film, every actor's clothing, every character's makeup, and every lighting effect can be seen as part of this dynamic painting. Under the overall colorful picture, the ideological depth of the film is by no means inferior to any previous works of Wind Man with realistic themes. The film has created a large number of characters with different identities and personalities. The stories of each household's residents are in a single line, and they are mixed together without appearing to be messy at all   .
The film's refreshing and lyrical quality stems from Wind Man's awe at the human ability to extract joy from the fleeting moments while enduring suffering. The film's lack of movement, and most of its serious shortcomings, is due to the fact that the film is filled with endless character dialogue without any transformation   .
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Dodes'ka-den quotes

  • Beggar: I've been thinking all evening about the house we're building... Looks like you're sleepy?

    Beggar's Son: No, I'm not sleepy. I'm listening.

    Beggar: The gate comes first. The gate is the face of a house. The face shows the character.

    Beggar's Son: Mm hmm. That's right.

    Beggar: Since we're building a house on a hill, it must be in a European style. How about rococo? Or Spanish style? British style isn't bad either... They're a bit showy. It should be neither too fancy nor too imposing. I want a gate both plain and inviting.

  • Beggar: We forgot about the swimming pool. Let's make one.

    Beggar's Son: Oh, yes, let's.

    Beggar: One you'd like. I'm glad you're talking. Everything will be all right. The worst is finally over. Children are really very strong.

    Beggar: [continues] A swimming pool is good. It'll be in the lawn. White tiles in the middle of evergreens. Still, filling and draining it will be hard. The place is on a hill. We'll need a huge water tank in case of water shortages. And the drainage problem... To drain a pool full of water, a small drainpipe won't do. But don't worry, we'll make it. This is all your idea, and the pool will be good for your health.

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