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2022-07-05 17:38
In this film, Wind Man's use of color is extremely extravagant and bold, and he renders a dilapidated and dirty squatter house like a dream. Originally, the original novel was a realistic work with a strong realism style, but under the design of Wind Man, the film is as publicized as an impressionist painting. Every scene in the film, every actor's clothing, every character's makeup, and every lighting effect can be seen as part of this dynamic painting. Under the overall colorful picture, the ideological depth of the film is by no means inferior to any previous works of Wind Man with realistic themes. The film has created a large number of characters with different identities and personalities. The stories of each household's residents are in a single line, and they are mixed together without appearing to be messy at all   .
The film's refreshing and lyrical quality stems from Wind Man's awe at the human ability to extract joy from the fleeting moments while enduring suffering. The film's lack of movement, and most of its serious shortcomings, is due to the fact that the film is filled with endless character dialogue without any transformation   .
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Dodes'ka-den quotes

  • Suicidal Old Man: [Haltingly, opening up to Mr. Tanba, who patiently listens to him] I'm fed up with everything now... Life is nothing but pain to me. When I get up in the morning and get ready for breakfast... thinking I have to do everything all over again, I just lose my strength. Food doesn't taste good. I lose my appetite.

    Suicidal Old Man: [continues, as Mr. Tanba listens silently] When I go to the public bath, I'm disgusted to see myself in the mirror. Naked, I look really disgusting and filthy. I can't stand myself. At this point... the only thing I want... is to die quickly. I want to disappear from this world.

    Mr. Tanba: [Mr. Tanba gets up and starts rummaging for some items, and prepares a powder which he gives to the man] This powder is used in engraving. It's a very strong poison, not sold to the public. You'll die without pain an hour after taking it. If you really want to die, take it.

    Suicidal Old Man: [the suicidal man eagerly takes the powder and pours all of it in his mouth, then drinks it down with water] Thank you. It's very kind of you. Goodbye.

  • Yukichi Shima: [speaking to his three guests] Let me ask you a question. Have you ever found a way to get rice from a rice store? I don't mean borrowing, I mean taking it right in front of their eyes.

    Yukichi Shima: [continues] You take a big pot and get it all wet on the inside, and have it filled at the rice store. Try to get it on credit and they'll refuse. You throw the rice out, but the pot is wet. So some rice remains stuck to the sides. If you repeat that three times, you'll get enough for a meal. Eh? Great, isn't it?

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