Dodes'ka-den behind the scenes gags

2022-07-05 14:44
  • The film is Wind Man's first independent production, and is his first color film   .
  • The film was made in just 28 days   .
  • Shot in a Tokyo junkyard, the film set up locations and houses in the rubble, and airbrushed sheds and roads in deep pinks, golds and greens. During filming, the ground became colorful because of the chemical reaction between the paint and the rubbish in the dump, which made Wind Man happy   .
  • When filming, Wind Man did not require the actors to rehearse as strictly as before, but asked the actors to act naturally, to improvise and to add to the characters they were playing   .
  • During the preparation of the film, Wind Man asked Japanese elementary school students to send him sketches of trams in the urban area to be nailed on the walls of Xiaoliujia. While the final images shown in the film were done by the Wind Man creators, they were indeed inspired by more than 2,000 images   .
  • Because Akutagawa is more ruthless and ruthless than Apin, played by Lu Zhi, Wind Man asked Akutagawa not to blink, not even a single blink during the performance. To take a close-up of his face, Wind Man even put a clear plastic bag over his head so the light wouldn't pierce his eyes   .
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Dodes'ka-den quotes

  • Suicidal Old Man: I used to run a kimono shop. I had a wife and two sons. I had five employees and a servant. I even had two mistresses and lived in luxury. But, after my sons were called up for military service and were killed at the China Front, I lost interest in business. My wife fell sick and died six months later. My house was burnt during an air raid and I lost everything. I had to let my mistresses go. I earned my living by peddling toys. Still, my dead wife and sons appear in my dreams and talk to me every night. They laugh and talk as if they were alive.

    Mr. Tanba: You must be happy during those times.

    Suicidal Old Man: Yes, I am.

    Mr. Tanba: You feel that happiness because you live your life. In other words, they are alive as long as you are alive. Is it all right to kill them by killing yourself?

  • Mr. Tanba: The effect of one drug can be mitigated by another. In medicine, there are laxatives and astringents, digestives and counteractives, things like that.

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