Dodes'ka-den movie plot

2022-07-05 17:48
Xiao Liu, known as the "tram idiot", lives with his mother, A Guo, who runs a tempura shop. Xiaoliu's house is full of pictures of trams drawn by him. Every day, he drives the tram out of his imagination, makes a "ding ding ding ding" sound, and circles the street. That's like his job. Led by Xiao Liu, the residents on this street are all strange people. For example, the Masuda couple and the Kawaguchi couple who work part-time every day. The husbands of the two families always went out to work together and came back drunk; the wives of the two families also had a good relationship. One day, the husbands who came back drunk made a mistake in each other's house, so they lived there, and only returned to their original homes when they got bored. Shima Yukichi is a different person. One of his legs was shorter than the other, and he had severe facial spasms. His wife is a shrew. Even if guests come, she doesn't come out to entertain them, but sneers and sneers. There is a girl named Katsuko who is very unfortunate. Because of her uncle who is an alcoholic during the day, she has to work hard every day. When her aunt was hospitalized, she became the object of her uncle's lust and became pregnant. In this way, she suddenly stabbed Okabe, a boy who had nothing to do with this and had shown kindness to her, with a kitchen knife. Others living on the street are: a beggar father and son living in an abandoned Citroen, Apin with a painful past, Ryotaro Sawagami and his children, a hairbrush maker who married an unusually frivolous wife. In the intertwining of each other's lives and feelings, these poor people repeat the same life every day   .
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Dodes'ka-den quotes

  • Tatsu Masuda: Don't get drunk again. Come straight home tonight.

    Masuo Masuda: Shut up. You're the one driving me to drink.

  • Masuo Masuda: All women are the same. They nag you so much you end up in a bad mood. After work, let's have a drink.

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