All beings in marginal space

Kathryne 2022-10-04 12:08:24

The marginal characters in the marginal environment, although the reality is abject poverty and suffering, but the sky will light up and the eyes will light up when the fantasy is, and the time of death is the time of freedom, living in a house with a glowing swimming pool. If even the heart dies, it is no longer a human being, but a walking corpse, living in a coffin-like tin house and withered trees, speechless. The fool who drives the tram follows the established rules every day, muttering meaningless onomatopoeia, driving from morning to night, wind and rain without stopping, immersed in his own world, he may be happy and happy. His world is all kinds of trams and colorful lights. The perfect grandpa Danbo, if the thief steals something, he will tell him that he is not enough and can come again. Let the tyrant be ashamed by changing hands with a sentence, and use fake poison to awaken the obsession with life. In this group of red people, he is the embodiment of idealism , love the world like a god. Mr. Island is decent, except for his illness and his wife. At first glance, my wife thought it was unreasonable and funny. It was not until Mr. Dao said that they were so poor that they used a pot to stick rice to obtain food. We did not know that poverty and thrift would be engraved in the blood, but because of the loss of dignity because of the experience life, begging is also a sensitive pain point. The girl who makes handmade flowers, I can only draw her hunched back. She is obviously still of the age of tricks, but her uncle has already drained her flesh and blood. She wanted to commit suicide, but was reluctant to be forgotten, so she hurt the only person she wanted to keep. The two families who exchanged husbands, the clothes on their bodies and the color of the room correspond, like a kind of symbol, everyone will judge whether they have exchanged again today based on their clothes, I don’t know the setting of this plot, but the picture and the Character relationships are interesting.

There is also a family with many children, and the children cry to their father, because the neighbors say that they and other younger siblings are not his father's children. Father only replied that it was what you thought it was. This may be the law of their life. They don't need too much truth. The truth is often cruel. It is better to obey your own thoughts and live.

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  • Hatsutaro Kawaguchi: Husbands have to work hard enough outside. It's only natural they want their wives to be nice to them.

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