Bed & Board

Bed & Board

  • Director: François Truffaut
  • Writer: François Truffaut,Claude de Givray,Bernard Revon
  • Countries of origin: France, Italy
  • Language: French
  • Release date: September 9, 1970
  • Runtime: 1 hour 37 minutes
  • Aspect ratio: 1.66 : 1
  • Also known as: Skupna postelja in miza
  • "Bed and Board" is a comedy film directed by François Truffaut , starring Jean-Pierre Leaud and Claude Jade , released in 1970.
    The film tells the story of 25-year-old Antoine Doinel's marriage to Colette.


    • Release date September 9, 1970
    • Filming locations Paris, France
    • Production companies Les Films du Carrosse, Valoria Films, Fida Cinematografica

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    Movie reviews

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    • By Orion 2022-09-05 03:12:31

      When I was looking for a young lady, I met my father-in-law. This old foreign movie is about marriage and cheating

      Love is beautiful, and people are eager to retain this beauty, so they want to strengthen this relationship through marriage.

      But many people think that marriage is the grave of love after marriage.

      As a result, cheating has become a potential danger to married life.

      After "Stolen Kiss", François...

    • By Samson 2022-07-08 23:02:42

      married life haha

      Tell your good and bad from one point. Just a Japanese woman.

      How can there be such a plot arrangement, I don't care at all. This amazing Japanese woman is amazing in the following ways: 1. Active. Take the initiative to call Antoine to his side for counseling alone, and take the initiative to send a kiss before parting. 2, etiquette. Antoine called her "Miss Dolly". This kind of oriental etiquette, wearing a kimono, charming phoenix eyes, and dishes of Japanese food are not the...

    • By Osbaldo 2022-07-08 22:05:31

      Married Life movie review

      This is the fourth installment in the Truffaut Antoine series. Although Antoine is married to Christine, he is still so naive, selfish, and going his own way. So I still got nothing at work, I studied dyeing flowers, and finally gave up halfway and had to look for a job.

      The most successful part of the headquarters is Truffaut's successful portrayal of the trivial and warm daily life after Antoine and Christine got married, as well as the process of the...

    • By Alysha 2022-07-08 21:46:44

      A brief review of "Marriage Life" and three of my favorite episodes

      The film describes Antoine's married life in a cheerful atmosphere. There is betrayal between husband and wife, and there is weakness. There is joy and there is pain. It can be seen that the director expresses his thoughts deliberately in the shooting plot, and also brings the characters' emotions into the two people's fights and quarrels.

      The character setting is very clear: the debtor, the neighbor who is always waiting for the opportunity, the neighbor who loves to talk about...

    • By Darian 2022-07-08 19:41:51


      I wanted to cry when I watched Four Hundred Blows, which is a childhood that every sensitive and stoic child will experience.
      But while crying and hugging warmth. When I saw the composition he wrote, it was a little warm starlight in the dark night, and it was a beacon for us to go home.
      Seeing "Marriage Life" is really desperate.
      Anthony also has children. All the splendor will be attributed to the dull.
      Maybe because I'm a restless person, how can I endure that there...

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    • By Kole 2022-09-06 00:57:23

      The married life of Antoine and Christine is not perfect, but it is very sweet. Even if Antoine falls in love with Japanese girls again, the husband and wife are not like crying, making trouble and hanging themselves. Most of them express their dissatisfaction in the expressive way of wearing a kimono and painting white...

    • By Cayla 2022-07-08 23:29:00

      Don't like it too much! ! ! When I was most touched on the phone call, Claude patiently listened to and said the sentence [in], we can all understand that he loves Japanese women, because , but why few people can ignore the gains and losses Forgive me... love never...

    • By August 2022-07-08 23:28:16

      Opening with a panorama of an ordinary and busy happy life, we enter another Antoine story. Truffaut tells his world as easy as the palm of his hand. After the family life has been washed and "routine", it still has a certain idealized color, and it is full of stuff. The new wave style small details and small humor are really exquisite, and there are excellent color photography, alluding to the "four hundred strikes" and making fans...

    • By Vincenzo 2022-07-08 18:38:36

      Marriage may be a plastic runway round after round. Occasionally, I would stumble a few times by a sudden pebble, but I had to run numbly and mechanically round after...

    • By Delia 2022-07-08 17:53:31

      Antoine series filmed this one, and slowly began to have a taste. In addition to the pervasive English aggression, the rise of oriental culture led by Japan is also mentioned. Getting married and having an affair, the trajectory of life and the background of the times go hand in hand. Although they go their separate ways, they draw a similar shock wave that rushes from the ascending channel to the top of the peak, and then slowly slides down to the bottom of the valley. The acting skills of the...

    Movie plot

    The 25-year-old Antoine Doinel (Jean-Pierre Léaud) married Colette (Marie-France Pisier) and opened a small flower shop downstairs that was loved by her neighbors. , Although the days are ordinary, they are also full of little sadness and little sweetness. By accident, he got a job in a water conservancy company. After meeting the glamorous Japanese woman Kyoko (Hiroko Berghauer) at work, he was deeply attracted by the exoticism of...
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    Movie quotes

    • Antoine Doinel: l'd like to kiss you.

      Christine Doinel: Me too...

      Antoine Doinel: Tenderly.

      Christine Doinel: Me too...

      Antoine Doinel: Is that true?

      Christine Doinel: It's true.

    • Antoine Doinel: You're my sister, you're my daughter, you're my mother.

      Christine Doinel: I would have liked to be your wife.

    • Silvana, la femme du ténor: All men are children