World Without End movie plot

2022-07-17 17:55
In 1327, four children - Merthin, Caris, Gwenda, and Merthin's brother Ralph - went to play in the woods on Halloween. They witnessed two soldiers attacking Sir Thomas Langley, but were killed by Sir Langley in self-defense. The other three children fled, but Merthin stayed. Merthin helped the wounded Sir Langley to bury a letter, and Sir Langley told him that, in the unfortunate event of his death, Merthin must dig up the letter and pass it on to someone. Sir Langley then came to the town of Kingsbridge, donated all his money to the local monastery and became a Benedictine monk. The four children also vowed never to tell anyone what happened that day.
Without warning, the town of Kingsbridge was besieged by Sir Earl Roland, a ardent supporter of Queen Irabella. Sir Roland declared himself the new earl of Shiring, arresting and executing the original lord for treason. Roland decreed that all those who supported the old King Edward II for a long time but not Queen Isabella would be hanged, and the rest had to pay heavy taxes to show their loyalty to the new ruler.
Ten years later, childhood childhood sweethearts Caris and Merthin fall in love. Merthin is now an apprentice carpenter, while his childhood friend Ralph becomes Earl Roland's squire. Gwenda, whom Ralph loves, is married to another man. Gwenda sleeps with Ralph in order to help her husband reclaim the land that belonged to his father, but Ralph breaks his promise.It has just begun, and the story of the play has officially begun   .
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