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2021-12-16 08:01
"Wrath of Man" is certainly not Guy Ritchie's best movie, but it may be Jason Statham's best performance, even though Douban Wenqing gave this movie a fairly moderate rating.
In terms of production volume, the film is suspected of insufficient production funding, and Jason Statham was not given the opportunity to fight from start to finish. Apart from a scene where the robbers were killed in a second, there was still a big fight inside the climax security company, and the firepower was not enough. Not focusing on Jason Statham's hands. From the perspective of action movies, Jason Statham was lazy this time, but from the perspective of works, he harvested a work with a performance dimension. From a mysterious colleague to a tragic father, from an angry boss to a low-key lurking, and finally a cold revenge, Jason Statham took out different dimensions of performance at each stage. The first time the length of the inner scene overwhelmed his action scenes, and even Also took out a look like "Eagle Watches Wolf Gu" to kill.
The upgrade of Jason Statham's performance dimension firstly benefited from Guy Ritchie's layout. The film is divided into five blocky chapter narratives, "Introduction", "Dark Night Ghost", "Digging Three Feet", "A Group of Bad Boys" and "Liver, Lung, Spleen, and Heart". The protagonist is divided into different psychological periods. Jason Statham only needs to make blocky inner play designs according to different stages. The dimension of the blocky chapter design makes Jason Statham's performance more three-dimensional.
The film may be tailor-made for Jason Statham, but it is not a film serving Jason Statham personally. The plot layout of the film is closer to some kind of net narrative. The story starts with the robbery in the "Introduction", which is also the origin of the whole story. The causal connection of the chapters has never deviated from this origin. On this basis, sequential operations are performed to keep the characters high in mystery and charm. Let the story keep enough suspense and tension.
This film is different from most action movies. It maintains the excitement and smoothness of action movies. At the same time, it also has a full article on the literary structure. Although the film is not the same as Guy Ritchie's original "Two Smoke Guns". Language, but in the large group of kindergartens of commercial crime films, it is still worth giving a little red flower. Of course, this is not to say that Jason Statham's acting has a qualitative leap, at best it is just a small joy brought by variables  .
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  • Carmine 2021-12-16 08:01:07

    The anger of people is filled with heart, liver, spleen and lungs.

  • Kaya 2021-12-16 08:01:07

    The Law of Cover: After a good movie is produced, a bad movie must be produced to balance it. King Arthur appeared after Uncle; such a ghost appeared after The Gentleman! Except for some shots that are more like him, what is his style in this film? ! The best multi-line narratives are messed up, and I don’t even know who the protagonist is at the end. . .

Wrath of Man quotes

  • H: I can do in two days what you wish you could have done in two years.

  • Bullet: I like the way you handle that cart. Where'd you learn that technique?

    H: I spent a lot of time at supermarkets. Shopping.

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