Wuthering Heights evaluation action

2022-03-12 08:01
"Wuthering Heights" is one of the classics on the silver screen   . It fully demonstrates the expressive power of film art and is known as one of the films with the highest artistic level. In this black-and-white version of the film, cinematographer Greg Toland captures the gloomy atmosphere of the film well. The film is full of sad and tragic colors, so it is quite infectious   . The film shows the theme of love to the fullest. Whether it is love or hatred, it seems very small under the big theme of love. Although the theme of the film is a little single, the director highlights it with a profound focus, thus showing a different charm. The love-hate entanglement between Heathcliff and Casey started because of love, and finally ended because of love. Such a love of life and death adds a touch of romance to the film  .
"Wuthering Heights" is very successful in character development. In the film, both the hero Heathcliff and the heroine Casey left a deep impression on the audience. This is not only due to the superb acting skills of the actors, but also to the complexity and depth of the characters themselves. In addition to these protagonists, the supporting roles in the film are also very brilliant  . The film focuses on the positive side of human nature, and through the vigorous portrayal of many small characters, the whole story becomes more and more full   .
The structure of the film is as smooth as running clouds and flowing water. The film rarely uses a single shot to show the picture, but more uses depth of field or other shots, which not only makes the picture form a sharp contrast, but also attracts the attention of the audience. The director uses the lens to express the various emotions and inner worlds of the characters, indirectly or directly showing everything about Wuthering Heights. The film does not involve the story of the third generation of the hero and heroine in the novel, but instead focuses on the story of Casey and Heathcliff, which is not only concise, but also makes the film structure more fluid and reasonable.  .
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  • Wilfred 2022-03-29 09:01:09

    It's simply unbearable... If you change the title of the film and the name of the person, it will definitely not be as unwelcoming as it is now. The story of cutting off the next generation for the length of time is acceptable, but Cathy being changed like this is simply unbearable! It's just your broken feelings that pop up classic dialogues from time to time, are you embarrassed? ! The delicate and pretentious opening and end of the film, trying to incite a poignant and touching love story, the way it is handled is really unappetizing... The Edgart role is very good.

  • Gertrude 2022-03-29 09:01:09

    Love is colder than death, especially for Heathcliff, who is alive or surviving. The lines are very literary, especially that rainy night, Kathy said, I'm Heathcliff.

Wuthering Heights quotes

  • Dr. Kenneth: Hindley, why don't you hit yourself over the head with a hammer when you wake up every morning?

    Hindley: Why?

    Dr. Kenneth: Well, if you do, you'll achieve virtually the same results as you do with a bottle of whiskey, with much less wear and tear on the kidneys.

  • Cathy: No matter what I ever do or say, Heathcliff, this is me - now - standing on this hill with you. This is me, forever.

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