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2022-03-22 08:01
According to Swedish media reports on the 26th, 64-year-old Swedish director Roy Andersson's film "Du levande" (Du levande) was selected from 28 candidates and will represent Sweden at the 80th The Oscar for the Best Foreign Language Film Award .
Andersson's earlier film " Sånger från andra våningen ", which describes the living conditions of modern people, won the 2000 Cannes International Film Festival Jury Prize and the highest honor of Swedish domestic film "Golden Sheep Award". The film brings an abstract association to reality with humorous hints, magical still lifes and rambling plots.
"Du levande" continues to maintain this style, with humorous film language, through the love between unfortunate young men and women, the difficult maintenance of the father-son relationship, the crisis of life and the extreme mistrust between people and many other tragicomedy plots, finally It expresses the director's motto: Man is a social animal, a living individual who needs to rely on each other.
This alternative film, which cost 40 million Swedish kronor (about 6.15 million US dollars) and took 4 years to complete, has been highly praised by the Swedish film industry.
"Du levande": sad and happy life in black humor
He is a terribly prolific director. He has only made four films in four decades. The long journey of life has trained Roy Anderson and extracted the essence of this film: everything is Just because we are still alive.
- Abu
Before he thought about the shooting plan of this film, the first thing that came to his mind was a sentence from the poet Johann Wolfgang Goethe in "Roman Elegy": "Be happy, living people, in your most comfortable and warm sleep. In bed, before the icy waves of the Forgotten River are about to slap your footsteps to escape." It can be seen that this sentence appeared about ten seconds before the opening of the film, which is not only an important clue for the film's creation, but also lays the foundation for the whole film. tone.
When expounding the creative concept of this film, he mentioned another heavy book-the mythical epic collection "Epic Edda", in which there is a sentence translated into Chinese to the effect that "people's pleasure lies in people" . The director believes that no matter in ancient times or in today's modern society, people are always social animals and must rely on each other to survive. People are not only human pleasures, but also human scourges, threats and sorrows. The social existence of human is manifested in the dependence on the environment and the concern for the self.
Rod Andersson, 64, is a Swedish film director who is best known for his " Sånger från andra våningen " seven years ago during his average ten-year career. Now his fame seems to be heating up internationally thanks to his Oscar nomination. It is more than ten years of sharpening a sword. After such a long period of precipitation and experience, the most fortunate is the audience. From his latest masterpiece, this "Du levande", he can see many unexpected wonderful things. Harvest countless surprising thoughts and shake your long-sleep soul.
Wise Jews educated future generations to say, "When man thinks, God laughs." In the face of the omniscient and almighty God, human beings appear so insignificant, ignorant and powerless. We cannot break through our own limitations and see through the entire universe and life. We can only get rid of the stupid idea of ​​self-righteousness and self-transcendence. However, people never give up their efforts to pursue true knowledge and seek Tao. Therefore, it can be said that thought is not only the source of human happiness, but also the creator of pain and disaster.
We can see all kinds of characters in this movie, they are definitely not like actors in front of the camera, more like every self in real life, it's you, it's me, it's him, it's the whole earth living human beings. Among them are young girls who are madly in love with rock guitarists, businessmen with big belly and leather shoes, judges who are confused while drinking beer, housewives who are crying and complaining, professional thieves and hairdressers , and of course there are countless alcoholics who get drunk at bars. When they were rejected thousands of miles away, the little wishes in their hearts could not be fulfilled, and they began to sob softly at you in front of the camera, crying "no one understands me", the audience felt pity, laughter, or Feel the same.
They wander between dream and sobriety, and every time they communicate with people, they are doomed to failure and misunderstanding. But the emotion that director Andersson is most eager to express, and also the strongest, is sympathy for human beings, especially when he shows the girl in love. No matter how cruel or lost, no matter how pale and gloomy in his colors. The dialogue in the film is often repeated, but in each scene, usually shot with a single shot, there is no doubt that the performance of these non-professional actors is so raw and real that there is no need for any cover up. These storylines also often happen by accident, and they progress at will without a clear direction and purpose, and even the audience cannot predict what will happen next.
In addition, the various musical elements used in the film are more than in " Sånger från andra våningen ", and they are full of irony, which is also a continuation of Andersson's usual style, lively and even a little naughty. The trumpet, coupled with the cumbersome and honest drum, under the oblique lens and surreal expression, uses the darkest liveliness to illustrate the contradictions and struggles of human existence. In his films, the roles played by the actors form a static picture, and the black humorous despair, sadness and depravity constitute this group, but each person's distinctive personality can be deeply branded in the hearts of the audience. imprint.
Especially at the end, when the neatly queued flying objects fly through the clouds and fly overhead, the people living on the earth raised their heads blankly and looked up blankly, and there seemed to be an army singing in the background music. An absolute huge victory. With its ironic imagination, "Du levande" has become a tragicomedy drama in black humor in front of the big screen.
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