You, the Living movie plot

2022-03-22 08:01
A small town in Sweden, with all kinds of seemingly ordinary and eccentric town residents. A fat aunt who screams "no one understands you" every day, a middle-aged uncle who was sentenced to death in an electric chair for sabotaging other people's banquets, a strange man who talks about losing money from bank funds while having sex, and a quarrel couple who hurts each other with unscrupulous words , listened to twenty-seven years of mental patients talking about a psychiatrist who has been overwhelmed, an amateur band that will disband at any time, a girl Anna who dares to pursue love even if it is just a dream. a segment of life that seems to have no connection, or absurd Funny or deviant, but together they tell a humorous tragicomedy about love and being loved between people   .
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You, the Living quotes

  • Anna: Forgive those who only think of themselves. Forgive those who are greedy and cheap. And those who deceive and cheat or grow rich by paying miserable wages. Dear lord, forgive them. Forgive them. And Lord, forgive those who humiliate and desecrate. Forgive those who torture and kill. Forgive those who bomb and destroy cities and villages. Forgive those who are dishonest, those who lie and are false. Forgive governments who withhold the truth from the people. Dear Lord, forgive them. Forgive those who are heartless, merciless, and quick to pass judgment. Please Lord, forgive them. Forgive courts that pass sentences which are too harsh or convict the innocent. Forgive them.

    The minister: Anna... We have to close and lock up now.

    Anna: Forgive newspapers and TV channels that mislead. That distract attention from that which is important. Dear Lord, forgive them.

    The minister: There now, Anna. We have to close and lock up now.

    Anna: Dear Lord, forgive them. Forgive them.

  • Mia: I'm a miserable wench, on an ugly bench!

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