Zoo movie plot

2022-10-18 12:01
The show is developed by a four-person production team, who develop any drama "same advance and retreat", and their representative works include the short-lived but innovative "October Road" (October Road), "Star Love" ( Star-Crossed) and the "Halo" TV series jointly developed by Microsoft XBox and Showtime.
The show is initially scheduled to air in the summer of 2015. James Wolk plays the protagonist Jackson Oz, a young, rebellious American zoologist. He hid with his mother in the African wilderness to escape the crazy animal doomsday theory of his father, Professor Robert Oz, but found that the animals showed strange aggressive behavior, and the animals' attacks became incomprehensible and more cunning. , and more organized, he has witnessed male lions exhibiting bizarre symptoms of what his father called the animal doomsday theory. He suspects that there is an inextricable link behind his father's animal doomsday theory. He must quickly unravel the real cause of the pandemic of this strange symptom - otherwise humanity will soon have nowhere to hide. Nora Arnezeder plays Chloe Tousignant, a French investigator and ex-diplomat, a sophisticated and strong character who is rescued by Jackson Oz after being attacked by a pack of lions while traveling in Africa. Nonso Anozie plays Abraham, a travel guide in Botswana, who has a deep understanding of wildlife and a deeper understanding of human problems. Kristen Connolly plays Jamie, a passionate young journalist who believes the Redien Gloal group was behind the escape of two male lions at the zoo and killed many people, determined to expose the connection at all costs. She's been following the investigation, and along the way, she meets Billy Burke from Revolution, who plays Mitch, a candid large-animal veterinarian. Mitch likes to work with animals, the simple way of communicating with animals, and hates the complex relationship between humans and intrigues.
Under the circumstance of abnormal animal attacks all over the world, a magical creature calling himself Mr. Delavane gathered 5 people together to study the real reasons for these events, and hope to prevent the doomsday of animals in time.
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