A Company Man

A Company Man

  • Director: Sang-yoon Lim
  • Countries of origin: South Korea
  • Language: Korean, English
  • Release date: October 11, 2012
  • Sound mix: Dolby Digital
  • Aspect ratio: 2.35 : 1
  • Also known as: The Killer
  • "A Company Man" is a Korean action film directed by Lim Sang-Yoon , 소지섭; So Ji Sub , Lee Mi Yeon , Do-won Gwak , Kim Dong Jun .
    The film is based on a killer company and tells the story of the backbone killer played by 소지섭; So Ji Sub. Because he fell in love with the elegant woman played by Lee Mi Yeon, he resolutely gave up his future in the company and decided to wash his hands in the golden basin, but unfortunately The story of a former colleague’s target. The film was released for 13 days, and the number of viewers exceeded one million. 


    • Release date October 11, 2012
    • Filming locations South Korea
    • Production companies Simmian, Showbox/Mediaplex, 51k

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    • By Chris 2022-12-22 19:43:32

      Super Company, Invincible Staff - The Destruction of the Greatest Company in History

      Now that you've read it, let's talk a little bit about your own feelings.
      At the beginning of the film, a young killer with extraordinary skills was created, looking at this little white face: Well, too young, it is estimated that he will be unlucky. Sure enough, as soon as the positive angle shot, I knew if there was any. As a result, Section Chief Su, hey, Section Chief Chi turned out to be a wife accuser. Seeing this, I'm done thinking, this woman is going to be unlucky again. No way,...

    • By Peyton 2022-12-15 05:19:49

      Uncle Cool also loves literature and art! !

      Aspect 1: Uncle.
          Speaking of uncle, my favorite is Su Zhixie. From I'm sorry I love you to ghost, I have always liked this restrained and shy uncle. However, the uncle's works are so few, which is a pity! !
          Aspect 2: Action.
          I have always disliked Korean movies. There are too many erotic and perverted and depressing movies. It is really breathless to watch too many. And this is a relatively action-packed drama. It caught my eye a lot. From the beginning of Jet Li to...

    • By Robert 2022-12-02 01:48:44

      dumb cute uncle

      I have to say that the uncle's figure is really good! ! ! I've been watching people, but I don't really understand the film ((¯﹃¯) saliva) The fight scene is still pretty cool, but it's just a little exaggerated. . . It's still a bit unrealistic to kill the whole company's killer horse by oneself. . . Uncle's acting is really great! The cute and cute killer manages it easily. When I meet my idol when I was young, my heart is sprouted. I changed several sets of clothes on a date. The uncle's...

    • By Cecelia 2022-11-25 07:20:37

      office worker

      I like the male protagonist very much. From that time, he regarded the company and his work as a part of his life. He even thought that his colleagues and the company he was in were everything to him, and he never thought of leaving this environment. . Until he met the young boy and saw his shadow at that time, he transformed from the puppet of the company to the current self who has his own way of life and follows his own wishes. There is a process and highlights of the ups and downs, and the...

    • By Amelia 2022-11-21 13:20:43

      sincere work

      In fact, several Dasu movies are all small productions and feel like essays. They are small and beautiful, but they are not outstanding enough. Of course, movies are still relatively tough, so they are outstanding. In addition to the plot is not full enough, the action design of the company staff is very smooth, the camera is good, the scene is limited by the plot, and the soundtrack is not very impressive except for the tail.
      Daoist Jiong is introverted but very pleasing, loyal, shy and...

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    • By Archibald 2023-09-14 00:52:53

      Undoubtedly, laying eggs through the backdoor and killing companies under the name of a company alludes to the working life of office workers in the general sense. And because of the bloody smell, the director must feel that the idea, feeling, etc. can be more profound. But there is no way, all the plots are bad street goods, and the performance of Su Zhixie and other actors in emotional key points is basically zero. Unless Korean fans or uniform control, otherwise the visibility is quite poor....

    • By Else 2023-09-07 10:44:29

      After a good start. . . . ....

    • By Alvah 2023-09-01 11:04:46

      It's a pity that this Maserati is with this lovely...

    • By Meta 2023-08-15 10:49:55

      So Ji-sub male god...too...

    • By Joey 2023-07-31 03:06:56

      For the sake of So Ji-sub, it is enough to just look at the first 10 minutes and the next 20...

    Movie plot

    The seemingly ordinary hardware manufacturing company is actually a murderous company as cold as copper and metal. Pool Jiong Road (소지섭; So Ji Sub ornaments) although Gelv suit all day, but it is the performance of the company Gaucho professional killer. He has worked for the company for ten years without failing once. He has already tempered his cold-blooded temperament and murderous cruelty. But when he met Hoon (Kim Dong Jun) , a...
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    Behind the scenes gags

    ● The film is Lee Mi Yeon's first return to the big screen after five years of "The Lovers Beyond the Shoulder". Guo Daoyuan said publicly: "I decided to star in this film because of Lee Mi Yeon." 
    ● During the filming of the film, 소지섭; So Ji Sub was too deeply involved in the movie, and even thought of retiring. 
    ● In "Ghost" and "A Company Man", 소지섭; So Ji Sub all appeared in suits and leather shoes. He told the media that he was...
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    Evaluation action

    The film review tells about a company that does not really exist. The daily life of 16 million office workers in the film seems to be out of reality. In the film, no matter how the killers sit in the office and write reports swiftly, they can't be ordinary. Realistic office worker. So from a realistic point of view, the film has been difficult to resonate with real office workers. We cannot call it realistic or ordinary just because we...
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    Movie quotes

    • Ji Hyeong-do: Don't take it personally. It's just work.

    • Company President: We need reliable candidates with solid military backgrounds or good social skills. Taking on wannabe gangsters will turn us into a bunch of thugs.

    • Ji Hyeong-do: You could have run.

      Director Jin Chae-guk: Where to? I spent my whole life getting blood on my hands. I can't hope that my kid will be safe.

      Ji Hyeong-do: You don't have to do this.

      Director Jin Chae-guk: I got nothing to live for. Just do it.

      Ji Hyeong-do: There is... nothing in your life?

      Director Jin Chae-guk: What do you care?

      Ji Hyeong-do: I don't.