A Company Man movie plot

2022-05-14 22:23
The seemingly ordinary hardware manufacturing company is actually a murderous company as cold as copper and metal. Pool Jiong Roadalthough Gelv suit all day, but it is the performance of the company Gaucho professional killer. He has worked for the company for ten years without failing once. He has already tempered his cold-blooded temperament and murderous cruelty. But when he met Hoon, a newcomer who came to the company to "work" , he suddenly saw his back then. While performing the task with Hun, Jiong Dao was in a trance for a moment. Through the communication with Xun's family, he felt more and more warmth from the family, and when he met his beloved woman, his professional sensitivity changed. After an accidental miss, he even retreated, but things were far from simple as he thought. While dreaming of ordinary life, Chi Jiongdao has also become the "target" pursued by his former colleagues. 
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  • Peter 2022-05-14 18:25:09

    Anti-corporate movie? ? ? ? So Ji Sub is so handsome. . . .

  • Houston 2022-05-14 23:58:04

    If it wasn't for So Ji Sub, I wouldn't even dump this movie. The literary dramas are procrastinating and hypocritical, and the action scenes are uninspired. The biggest gimmick is to use company employees to cover up the killer's identity, except for fighting and wearing a suit and tie. It looks more handsome, but this idea is basically useless. In addition, the story of this film is also weak, the police line is basically useless, and the scene where the uncle and the woman fall in love is boring.

A Company Man quotes

  • Company President: We need reliable candidates with solid military backgrounds or good social skills. Taking on wannabe gangsters will turn us into a bunch of thugs.

  • Ji Hyeong-do: You could have run.

    Director Jin Chae-guk: Where to? I spent my whole life getting blood on my hands. I can't hope that my kid will be safe.

    Ji Hyeong-do: You don't have to do this.

    Director Jin Chae-guk: I got nothing to live for. Just do it.

    Ji Hyeong-do: There is... nothing in your life?

    Director Jin Chae-guk: What do you care?

    Ji Hyeong-do: I don't.


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