Hedgehog in the Fog

Hedgehog in the Fog

  • Director: Yuri Norstein
  • Countries of origin: Soviet Union
  • Language: Russian
  • Release date: October 23, 1975
  • Runtime: 11 minutes
  • Sound mix: Mono
  • Aspect ratio: 1.33 : 1
  • Also known as: The Hedgehog in the Mist
  • A film directed by Yuri Norstein.

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    • Release date October 23, 1975
    • Production companies Soyuzmultfilm

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    • By Luis 2022-12-26 03:37:40

      lucky little hedgehog

      This animation is super nice!
       The little hedgehog goes to see the stars with the little bear every day, and the story happens on the road. The little hedgehog is full of curiosity and imagination and a little timid. These characteristics make it good at magnifying fear and beautiful imagination, which will make its life richer and more interesting, and it will also have more regrets, so it will feel more than ordinary people in its life. More, and also more illusions it loves. The most...

    • By Kaci 2022-12-15 11:01:03

      The most beautiful topic in the night sky is counting the stars~

            The reason why I watch such a short animation is definitely because of the high evaluation of Douyou in the film review~ This is my first contact with Russian animation. Some people say that Yuri Norriskin and Hayao Miyazaki have a touching and subtle resemblance! The plot in the animation is always simple! Perhaps the happiness for the little hedgehog in the forest is to go out at night with raspberry jam to find the little bear on the other side of the forest to count the stars....

    • By Betty 2022-12-13 06:04:44

      Childhood, Light and Poetry

      In general children's works, people often use the word "childishness" to evaluate. However, "childishness" also has levels, and some are natural, such as Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland", which is upside down and has amazing imagination; some pretend to be childish, awkward and mediocre, such as John "Charlie's Chocolate Factory," starring Niedup, by the way, his Alice in Wonderland series sucks. Really childlike works are rare, and "Little Hedgehog in the Mist" is one of...

    • By Ulices 2022-12-11 19:28:39

      we are so simple

      We are so simple that all we have to do is take a small packet of jam and give it to the person at the end of the journey. Loneliness is like a shadow. I thought this was all purpose and happiness, until the thick fog filled the future like the whispered words of fate, until I could never find the way back. Jam is gone. Jam is back. Maybe lost is better. Fearful phantoms and tender eyes, why did we walk into this fog and leave in such a hurry.
      We are so simple that we never get lost....

    • By Florian 2022-12-04 13:24:35

      A brief talk on the style and connotation of "The Hedgehog in the Mist"

      "Little Hedgehog in the Mist" is the work of Yuriy Norshteyn, and I haven't seen this short animation before.
      As one of the most important animation writers alive today, the films of Master Yuri Norskine, who have seen and know more about "A Story within a Story" (Tale of Tales, 1979), and "Fox" broadcast by the teacher in class The Heron and the Crane (1974) and The Heron and the Crane (1974).
      "Little Hedgehog in the Mist" is the same as these films. After watching it for the...

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    • By Nelda 2023-08-18 23:43:23

      Yuri Norstein's masterpiece, an animated short film full of nostalgic poetry. A cute and timid hedgehog, walking through the jungle at night looking for a bear, followed by a silly big owl, a white horse in the fog like a dream bubble, a big yellow dog and a black bat, the murmur of running water carry me, and finally find you, and count the stars in the sky together....

    • By Zena 2023-08-11 05:03:45

      3.5 @ russian class A beautiful animated short film~ It may be better after reading the...

    • By Jewell 2023-08-03 04:14:16

      The 1975 movie. Although it's not so fancy technically, it's still a cute...

    • By Michale 2023-07-24 09:55:06

      Super cute owl...

    • By Richard 2023-07-20 15:37:26

      No bright spots were...

    Movie plot

    Curious about everything, the innocent little hedgehog went to count the stars with his friend Bear on the other side of the forest. On the way, he looked at this and touched that from time to time, and an owl who was very interested in him began to follow him closely. When it saw a white horse in the fog, it fell in love with the image of the other party, and walked into the fog hoping to have that image, but in the fog, it couldn't...
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    Movie quotes

    • [last lines]

      Bear: Juniper twigs to get some smoke! And... and... who other than you knows how to count the stars?

      Narrator: The Bear Cub talked and talked, and the Hedgehog thought, "Isn't it good that we're together again?" And also he thought about the Horse: how was she doing there, in the fog?

    • Hedgehog: [after meeting the owl] Psycho.

    • [first lines]

      Narrator: In the evenings, the little Hedgehog went to the Bear Cub to count stars. They would sit on the log and sip tea, gazing at the starry sky. It hung on the roof, just behind the chimney. To the right of the chimney were the Bear Cub's stars and the stars to the left were the Hedgehog's.