Hedgehog in the Fog movie plot

2022-07-06 19:26
Curious about everything, the innocent little hedgehog went to count the stars with his friend Bear on the other side of the forest. On the way, he looked at this and touched that from time to time, and an owl who was very interested in him began to follow him closely. When it saw a white horse in the fog, it fell in love with the image of the other party, and walked into the fog hoping to have that image, but in the fog, it couldn't even see itself; mysterious bats, elephants and The owl panicked him, but he managed to calm himself down. A big tree confuses the little hedgehog. It lost the candy that it was going to share with the bear. After the dog found the candy and gave it to it, it unfortunately fell into the stream again. Fortunately, it was rescued by a strange and kind fish. I just saw the little bear, who has been worried about it, and when the little bear told his worries, the little hedgehog fell into contemplation.
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Hedgehog in the Fog quotes

  • Hedgehog: [after meeting the owl] Psycho.

  • [first lines]

    Narrator: In the evenings, the little Hedgehog went to the Bear Cub to count stars. They would sit on the log and sip tea, gazing at the starry sky. It hung on the roof, just behind the chimney. To the right of the chimney were the Bear Cub's stars and the stars to the left were the Hedgehog's.

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