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  • Elaina 2022-10-23 15:12:54

    Pandora's raving

    "판도라" is a literal translation of Chinese, which means "Pandora". The previous article "Asura" is also a literal translation of the Chinese name. For such religious or legendary stories and character names, movies that directly imply the content of the film, it is necessary to pay attention to the...

  • Anabel 2022-10-19 01:47:14

    We who have opened Pandora's box have never been in awe.

    Korean movies really love to satirize the government, at least the few disaster movies I've watched recently. The film even shows the desperation and fragility of the president, who needs to be awakened by his wife to regain his strength. (I'm starting to wonder how incompetent the Korean...

Pandora quotes

  • Jae-hyeok: Are you crazy?

    Yeon-joo: Last night you went to a club to pick up girls, didn't you? Then you went out drinking at a street stall.

    Jae-hyeok: I just drank a bit. I went straight home afterward. It's true!

    Yeon-joo: You are dead today. Auntie I'm going.

    Mrs. Seok: Why? I thought you were going to break his legs.

    Yeon-joo: Wait until after work.

  • Jae-hyeok: What a bunch of idiots. They must be crazy!