Pandora release process

2022-07-21 19:43
The production and release process of "Pandora" lasted for 4 years, which can be described as twists and turns. It not only experienced the sudden withdrawal of investment by investors; but also in the process of preparing for the release, a 5.8-magnitude earthquake occurred in Gyeongju (the largest earthquake since South Korea had meteorological observation records in 1978), because the content of the film involved the earthquake disaster in South Korea. It was more sensitive at that time, and under pressure from many aspects, the release could only be postponed again and again. On December 7, 2016, the film was finally released, and at this time, it had been 1 year and 6 months since the completion of the shooting   . The film is the first Korean film to be released in 190 countries and regions around the world under a contract with Netflix in the United States, and was unveiled at the first Macau International Film Festival   .
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Pandora quotes

  • Jae-hyeok: Are you crazy?

    Yeon-joo: Last night you went to a club to pick up girls, didn't you? Then you went out drinking at a street stall.

    Jae-hyeok: I just drank a bit. I went straight home afterward. It's true!

    Yeon-joo: You are dead today. Auntie I'm going.

    Mrs. Seok: Why? I thought you were going to break his legs.

    Yeon-joo: Wait until after work.

  • Jae-hyeok: What a bunch of idiots. They must be crazy!

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