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"판도라" is a literal translation of Chinese, which means "Pandora". The previous article "Asura" is also a literal translation of the Chinese name. For such religious or legendary stories and character names, movies that directly imply the content of the film, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that this religious form and myths and legends have an impact on the thinking of the people of this country. Impact. I haven't even made up the "Asura" film review, and I have opened another one to laugh at myself, but I don't have to be too demanding of people like me.

Pandora, the god. The wife of Epimetheus, the upper god of creation is Hephaestus, Hephaestus is the son of Hera, one of the twelve main gods, and the third generation of god Zeus is the father of Hephaestus, In this way, Pandora is the grandson of Zeus. It seems too imprecise to say that, Pandora is made of Hephaestus soil, not a woman, but from a system perspective, this ranking is needed, and it can only be ranked in this way.

Pandora was created to resist, or to punish the fire that Prometheus brought to the world. In ancient Greek mythology, the power of the gods is equal to the power of belief in the world. The fire brought to the world by Prometheus eliminated darkness for mankind and gave mankind stronger power, which includes spirit and reality. , Humans gain wider space and more time, and stronger hunting ability, which directly weakens human's belief in the gods. Hephaestus' creation of Pandora can be understood as the unanimous decision of the gods, because it is completely in the interests of all the gods, and there is no harm.

This can also be seen from the fact that after Pandora was created, all the gods gave Pandora a gift, and from the gifts given, all the gifts of the gods were to give Pandora their housekeeping skills. King Zeus gave Pandora a magic box full of disasters. From the analysis of the actual situation, if Zeus does not send this gift, there will be no meaning for Pandora to be created, and the origin of Pandora's notoriety also stems from this, which shows the anger of the god-king on the side.

In fact, the story behind is familiar to all Chinese people, Epimetheus disregarded the advice of his brother Prometheus, and fell in love with Pandora's beauty (this is normal, the goblin created by the power of the gods, still can't charm you? )…

Then Pandora presented the magic box to Epimetheus, and opened the magic box with his own hands after marriage, and disasters have spread throughout the world since then.

There are other versions, the popularity and recognition are relatively low, so I won't say it.

Going back to the film, at the beginning of the film, five little dolls are looking at the nuclear power tower in the distance by the sea. At this time, you can see that there is only one nuclear power tower, which is Han Xing No. 1. The story of the accident with the male protagonist's father was not explained in detail, but the male protagonist at the scene of the accident was already young, so I speculate that his father's accident was also Han Xing No. 1, which directly caused Han Xin No. 1 to be closed and banned. After the male protagonist became an adult, he also worked for the nuclear power generation company. At this time, the newly built No. 2/3/4 nuclear power generation tower was in operation, and No. 1 was still closed. The origin of the story stems from the re-opening of the No. 1 nuclear power tower. The above is just reasoning, and the following is not spoilers.

The costumes, make-up, lighting, and big-scene scheduling of the entire film are all impeccable, and I'm addicted to watching it. In terms of actors, the group performances are all very good, and the leading actors feel a little off-line, especially the script arrangements for the actors.

If the male protagonist becomes a male supporting role, and the protagonist is replaced by a female protagonist, the film will remove the first perspective and present it from a third-party perspective. I think the tension of the script will be better. When everyone watches the film, they will inevitably bring themselves into the first perspective and the first protagonist. The behavior of the male protagonist is really capricious. In the early stage, he did not show off his selflessness and grand duke. In the middle stage, he suddenly returned to the high radiation zone by himself. save people. The male supporting role also has the same problem. There is no previous character to set off, and there is no plot foreshadowing of character transformation. Two completely different personalities are abruptly. I know that in reality, there will also be people who are usually weak and can suddenly destroy the world, but this is a movie, and there are so many foreshadowings, so that the audience must make up the plots of three movies to watch your movie, Does it fit?

I don't think it's necessary to continue to black the government in the film, the film is already enough to lash out. Let me talk about civilians and capital, the operation logic of high-level and bottom-level, will it be sensitive, let me simplify it.

One: In the film, the male protagonist complained about 2-3 times, why did they get into trouble, and as a result, we have to wipe our bottoms.

Two: Please see the President's speech to the people in the video, calling for the dead. The president is already a good representative of the bureaucracy in the film, and look at what he does.

Three: Look at the monologue video of the male protagonist before his death.

Four: For comparison, at the end of the film, there are hundreds of photos of martyrs, tell me how many heroes you have recognized and died?

Five: The outcome of the company's top management has not been disclosed. What will happen if it is disclosed? They are only employees, and the chairman may only have limited liability. Company law is as important as civil law and criminal law. Living in this club is actually the company law you need to know more about.

Six: Refer to the response of the US government after the 2008 financial crisis, the outcome of the major investment banks and banks that caused the crisis, what else do you see besides Merrill Lynch, the highest dividend ever at the end of the year... Continue to pay attention to the scope of the crisis, And the impact (just focus on the United States, don't magnify the plate, you can't see the details if it is too big, and it will be biased by the theory)

What I see has nothing to do with me. I only asked some questions and did not give any conclusions or statements.

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