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Dock 2022-11-04 12:30:44

After watching "Heroes of Fire", my friend recommended this movie, and I finally finished watching it after so long.

The film takes the nuclear power plant accident as the background, and tells the mental journey and actions of the government, the army, and ordinary people in the rescue process of the nuclear power plant.

1. The government It is because of the existence of people who only seek personal gain that this accident happened. The nuclear power plant has not been fully inspected, and the protective measures have not been fully completed, but driven by financial interests, the nuclear power plant has been put into use. Disregarding the safety of others for the sake of money, until the accident happened, still considering the interests and social impact, concealing the extent of the accident, not evacuating residents urgently, unwilling to use seawater to cool down the nuclear reactor, concealing it step by step, resulting in an irreversible accident. level. The always cowardly and nominal Prime Minister, encouraged by his wife's hg, finally stood up, regained his dominance, and made a rescue operation command for people's lives.

2. Ordinary people Like many ordinary families, in He's family, the boys all work for nuclear power plants. As the movie says: "Who lives for happiness, but only lives seriously", they have been doing it for generations. , although it knows the danger, but it is stable, does not need to take risks, and has no risk of losing money. Human nature is inherently selfish, and every family lives for its own interests, so when radiation comes, doctors abandon patients, and police abandon people. Zai He has a strong brotherhood and rescues his comrades in spite of himself going back and forth. However, Jae Hyuk was also selfish, and finally entered the nuclear power plant to do the detonation work. Although there was only one dead end, he had no turning back. This is because, if he did not go, his mother and his family would not be able to survive. But for him, selflessness still triumphed over selfishness.

He is Kang Jae Hyuk!

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