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The themes of Lynch's series of films are generally aimed at human nature in modern society, and his usual method is the realistic expression of dreams and hallucinations. Various hints.
Let's replace the leading role in the beginning and the end with one person and think it is 2 paragraphs, and the middle lead actor is a car mechanic and think it is 1 paragraph. The total is 3 paragraphs, and based on various hints, the dreams are distinguished:
1) The image of Alice in the beginning. In the first paragraph, Alice's appearance is the same as Alice's appearance in the middle and at the end; however, note that Alice's hair color in the first paragraph is black, which is completely different from the next two paragraphs. However, in paragraph 2, the mechanic's woman, Siliena, has black hair. Personally, I think the conclusion is that Alice's hair is blonde as described in paragraphs 2 and 3 (blondes are also standard beauties in the West), so in paragraph 1, Alice's image is actually the result of Alice+Silena.
2) Background roars in paragraphs 1 and
3 3) Repeated yellow highway strips in
paragraphs 1 and 3 4) In paragraphs 1 and 3, Alice is the protagonist's wife, but in paragraph 3, Alice says: You are forever Impossible to get me, implying that Alice is not the protagonist's wife
at all Also in the room, and the demon = inner demon = Alice)
To sum up, the first and third paragraphs are dreams, while the second paragraph is reality.
The storyline of Yaoye Desolate Trail is abbreviated below:
The protagonist of this story is a poor and young car mechanic, Peter, who has excellent car repair skills-according to the standard of the local black boss, he has the most sensitive ears in the city-so he was chosen by the local The black boss Dick took a fancy to it and repaired his car. The black boss is perverted, showing that he is making pornographic films and also loves to crash and kill people when he is on the road. But the black boss got a beautiful Alice by making porn, and during an accidental car repair, Peter fell madly in love with Alice. To this end, he abandoned his beloved girlfriend Sielina, and went crazy with Alice behind the back of dick.
But Alice is a demon-like woman. Under the disguise of an angel, she actually has a black heart. She approached Dick, not because she was forced to cheat Peter, but for Dick's money, she could sell her body.
Under Dick, Alice did not get enough $, so he decided to use Peter to kill and steal money for her, and used beauty to confuse an innocent rich man, let Dick kill the rich man, and after getting the money, Alice shook off Peter and left on her own .
Peter can't stand this kind of stimulation, and his love for Alice makes him fantasize that he is a jazz musician with a mansion and has Alice as his wife. Of course, the Alice in his fantasy has the same black hair as his innocent girlfriend Siliena, and also has a pure heart. But a voice reminded Peter that Alice should be damned, so in the dream, he killed Alice and went to jail for it.
The fear of death woke up half of Peter's dreams. He was still a jazz musician, but Alice became a demon in Peter's heart.

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Lost Highway quotes

  • [Pete, disturbed by the saxophone music on a radio, switches the channels]

    Phil: What'd you change it for? I liked that.

    Pete Dayton: Well, I don't!

    Phil: I liked that.

  • Bill Dayton: The police called us today.

    Pete Dayton: What'd they want?

    Bill Dayton: They wanted to know if we had a chance to find out what happened to you the other night. And they wanted to know if you remembered anything.

    Pete Dayton: But... I don't remember anything. What'd you tell them?

    Bill Dayton: [after a long pause] We're not going to say anything about that night to the police.

    Candace Dayton: We saw you that night, Pete.

    Bill Dayton: You came home with your friend, Sheila.

    Pete Dayton: Sheila?

    Bill Dayton: Uh-huh. There was a man with you two.

    Pete Dayton: What is this? Why didn't you tell me anything? Who was the man?

    Bill Dayton: I've never seen him before in my life.

    Pete Dayton: What happened to me? Please Dad, if you know, tell me.

    [Bill and Candace sorrowfully look away from Pete]

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