Addison 2022-04-19 09:01:42

Still the whole story happens in one scene, pan and pan. I watched Hitchcock's third film, and it was the first time I saw a very conflicted dual male protagonist and a criminal who was cowardly and easily flustered. This kind of criminal who was no longer calm and calm made me feel fresh and novel. It was also the first time that I saw a direct collision and discussion of certain values ​​and ethics in Hitchcock's works, and I was able to read the thoughts Hitchcock wanted to express. Plus, with regards to the gay couple's relationship, Brandon is dangerous and sublime to Philip, there's a lot about him that Philip doesn't have, this attraction that he calls "deadly" Philip and let him stay by his side, but he still can't get over his normal (in fact, not bad) ethics like ordinary people, which keeps him from being like Brandon, who is also the One of the reasons why the murder came to light. As for Brandon, he's good looking, but he just enjoys being on the edge of danger, though, like the hat and initial rope mistakes, he doesn't have the kind of smarts he says he has in dealing with inferior people. of detached superior human abilities. He's just a comical incarnation, perhaps Hitchcock's embodiment of this twisted idea. In addition, the characters of the two male protagonists in this film are very good! And Rupert changed the naughty humor in the rear window to this humorous seriousness, and the sound changed so much.

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  • Ephraim 2021-11-13 08:01:22

    That’s awesome. I’m sorry that the relationship between the student and the teacher reminds me of Tom Riddle and Dumbledore. Speaking of which, is it more difficult for an emotional (ordinary person) to imagine the inner world of a non-emotional person (psychopath), or is it more difficult to imagine an emotional one without emotion?

  • Issac 2022-04-22 07:01:08

    Xi Pang originally wanted to ask Montgomery to play one of the two students, and James Mason to be the teacher of the two, but both sides turned it down because of the homosexual theme

Rope quotes

  • Rupert Cadell: Brandon's spoken of you.

    Janet: Did he do me justice?

    Rupert Cadell: Do you deserve justice?

  • Brandon: The good Americans usually die young on the battlefield, don't they? Well, the Davids of this world merely occupy space, which is why he was the perfect victim for the perfect murder. Course he, uh, he was a Harvard undergraduate. That might make it justifiable homicide.