Very Hitchcock, very pioneer

Alayna 2022-04-19 09:01:42

In terms of genre, it's a standard Hitchcock movie. Different from other Greek-style suspense dramas, this film has a scene explaining who the murderer is from the very beginning, and its suspense is arranged to follow the murderer's perspective to track how the crime was discovered.

The entire movie takes place in a Manhattan apartment. The scenario is very simple. The progression of the plot is all based on dialogue. In order to "play with the heartbeat" after a self-confessed perfect murder case, two talented Harvard students invited their classmates and school professors to have a party at their home, and they were finally played by Stewart, a film fanatic, as a suspicious person. The professor found clues, and as a result, the crime was exposed.

This film is Hitchcock's earliest color film, and it is also an original film in the use of long shots. The entire film only uses 11 shots, only 11 cuts, and a few are soft cuts (the editing method that shows the continuity of the shot by panning the lens to the dark place), which can be clearly seen on the screen There are only 4 editing scenes, and it can almost be regarded as a peculiar movie in one shot.

Two Harvard high school students are gay, but the movie did not explain. America was much more conservative then than it is now, and audiences weren't ready to accept homosexuality in movies.

In addition, the heroine's appearance is amazing, but this actor is unknown, and some information about her cannot be found on the Internet.

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  • Tremaine 2022-04-23 07:01:40

    A murder "art" Party, no exaggerated storyline, suspense but subtly run through, the movie wins with a weird atmosphere, and emotional lines and expressions, and "Doctor Edward" are among Hitchcock's best. Movie

  • Raphaelle 2022-04-22 07:01:08

    Almost no lens changes! Full of drama texture, it is very comfortable to look at after a long time! Now I know where all the babbling villains I like on American and small screens come from (especially the villains who are proud of them), script! Jimmy's incarnation of a detective is very handsome in observation and reasoning. The best thing is that the script discusses people, the theoretical rope that divides people into hierarchies, and finally he is trapped.

Rope quotes

  • Rupert Cadell: Brandon's spoken of you.

    Janet: Did he do me justice?

    Rupert Cadell: Do you deserve justice?

  • Brandon: The good Americans usually die young on the battlefield, don't they? Well, the Davids of this world merely occupy space, which is why he was the perfect victim for the perfect murder. Course he, uh, he was a Harvard undergraduate. That might make it justifiable homicide.