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In order to finish watching the Su Lizhen trilogy, I really liked this movie very much. ——The soundtrack of the music "In the Mood for Love" is the one I've heard the most in film and television soundtracks. Every time "yumeji's theme" plays, I can think of Su Lizhen's swaying posture, various styles of cheongsam wrapping her slender figure, and every strand of hair attracts the attention of others. And every time Mrs. Chen and Zhou Sheng met in the corridor, they walked side by side later, and they drifted away from each other. I have to admire Director Wang's level of appreciation in music. ——The cheongsam Man Yu sister was really a woman who came out of the painting, and it seems that there is no woman who is more suitable for those cheongsams than her. Rather than saying that those cheongsams set off her in the Mood for Love, it is better to say how lucky those cheongsams were to meet her and be remembered forever by light and shadow. Written here, although it is the winter season, it is still necessary to think about losing weight, even if it is to wear the most appropriate cheongsam at the best time. See below for the cheongsam compilation. Look carefully. ——Small Theater Actually, I always thought that the small theater between Su Lizhen and Zhou Muyun was very interesting. Both of them love martial arts novels and movies, and later even wrote novels together. It is this common preference that attracts the souls of two people to each other. So it was very timely that a small theater appeared. The so-called small theater is that Su Zhou and Zhou perform what has happened to others or has not happened to them yet. The first time was on the way home after the showdown. The two wanted to show how their lovers hooked up. It seemed a little too much to use hook up, but it was the truth. The second time was in 2046, and the two performed the fact that Su Lizhen testified to her husband that he had a woman outside. The third time seems to be downstairs in Zhou Muyun's company, or in a secluded place on the way home. The interesting thing is that almost every time it ends with Su Lizhen being vulnerable or crying, she seems to be passive and withdrawn in her relationship all the time. It reminds people of her in "The True Story of A Fei". I like the lines like the title. The fascinating thing about love is that you don't know when it will start or end. However, no matter what, even if you are in it, even if you have a lot of worries and fears, you will still have a few moments. Feeling happy and wanting to stay forever. I don't quite agree with the time when I would like to meet and not get married, but I think that in the Mood for Love, whether or not I have always had it, it is a rare blessing in the world to have it. The cheongsam album is as follows. Cheongsam 1: One of my favorite pieces, with a big blue print. It was graceful and restrained when worn by Sister Manyu at that time.

Cheongsam 2: This is a very unique piece. Although the overall color is relatively dark plaid, the small blue and green decals on the edge make the whole cheongsam more lively.

Cheongsam 3: This short-lived piece appeared once. It was the first time Mrs. Chen and Mrs. Zhou met in the corridor when they first picked up Chen Sheng. The contrast between the two temperaments is clear.

Cheongsam 4: The pattern and background color of this piece are very similar to porcelain. With a good figure, the curve is as smooth and smooth as the fired porcelain. It is a true vase beauty (pure praise).

Cheongsam 5: Same as 3, it only appears once, the ink painting is smudged, I admire the sister Manyu very much at that time, and she can wear all kinds of green to look good.

Cheongsam 6: The appearance rate is very high, the vertical stripes are very simple, and the color matching is also simple and generous. It is a very homely style.

Cheongsam 7: There is no special pattern, but the color and luster are very textured. It would be great if there was a science popularization of the fabric.

Cheongsam 8: The collar has a bit of snakeskin texture. The overall black and white match is less gaudy and more elegant.

Cheongsam 9: I don't really like this one, but the use of the perspective concept was avant-garde and fashionable in that era, and the combination with the style of the cheongsam didn't feel very explicit.

Cheongsam 10: The previous one is a black base with white stripes for perspective, this one is the opposite in color. Horizontal stripes become vertical stripes, sleeves become sleeveless, but it makes people feel more elegant.

Cheongsam 11: Ahhh, the red cheongsam I saw at first glance, I thought it was a problem with the environment and lighting. Later, when I got into the taxi, I found that the collar was indeed red, but unfortunately there was no high-definition picture of the whole body.

Cheongsam 12: The one that was trapped in Chow Sang's room was relatively homely. When lying on the bed, the curve on the cheongsam inexplicably exacerbated a feeling of entanglement and anxiety.

Cheongsam 13: It is also a big love to reduce the black flowers on a white background, especially with a red trench coat, it feels fashionable and timeless for ten thousand years. And she showed Su Lizhen's cold outside and hot inside, trying her best to restrain herself and comfort herself that she "won't be like them", and at the same time she couldn't help but be attracted to her inner activities. The back of the red windbreaker and the environment are also very well matched.

Cheongsam 14: It is also a bit of a see-through design, but it is a lot more subtle. At the same time, the purple appliqués at the cardigan are very eye-catching against the white background.

Cheongsam 15: Su Lizhen, who was implicitly pointed out by Mrs. Sun as "too much entertainment" and was forced to integrate into the mundane life because she was afraid of the eyes of idlers. The seemingly random vertical bars have the arbitrariness of water plants, inexplicably more melancholy.

Cheongsam 16: The most classic back, with a purple background, interspersed with blue, green, and red, it doesn't feel gaudy, it's really amazing. The first showdown between Mrs. Chen and Zhou Sheng, acknowledging the fact that the other's lover is the object of his lover's derailment, when I think of the music, the picture of walking side by side comes to my mind, and I can't stop.

Cheongsam 17: I can only admire people who dress up such a tender green.

Cheongsam 18: I always feel that this blue cheongsam, which appeared after Chow Sang left, has the same color perspective, and the appliqué design of the front and skirt makes people feel a kind of melancholy and cold, and it seems to have some sticky emotions. Missing that you want to say but dare not say or can't say?

Cheongsam 19: Time has changed, people have become mature, and hairstyles have changed. It is also a cheongsam, but the whole style has become more mature and stable. I can't say I like it, but the temperament is still good.

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    A movie made me deeply obsessed with cheongsam, it turns out that women can be so delicate.

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    Will you go with me if I have one more ticket

In the Mood for Love quotes

  • Chow Mo-wan: It's me. If there's an extra ticket... would you go with me?

    Su Li-zhen Chan: It's me. If there's an extra ticket... would you go with me?

  • Su Li-zhen Chan: Am I hopeless?

    Chow Mo-wan: Not really.