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'Coach Carter' movie review

In the black area of ​​Richmond, California, the overall teaching quality and literacy of the people here are relatively low. There are often fights, shootings, robberies or drug sales on the streets. Coach Carter is a basketball coach. He served as the basketball coach of Richmond Middle School for various reasons. At the beginning, the varsity students in Richmond Middle School were very unruly. In their eyes, Carter was not their coach. Every word he said was provocative. Coach Carter ignored their contempt, but told them the rules and asked them to sign the contract. Carter didn't directly start teaching them how to play, but to work on their mental quality. At first the students were very disobedient until they won their first game of last season. They convinced Carter. Later, Carter Encountered a lot of trouble, if his students did not pass the pass line in their studies, they would not be able to play basketball in their coveted statewide league. So he locked the gate of the stadium and canceled the regional competition. He asked his students to concentrate on their studies and ignore the ball game. Because he stopped playing, the parents of these students were very dissatisfied with Carter and slammed on the door of the arena every day. Therefore, Carter still withstood the shocks and fluctuations of all the parents and still followed his method. In the end, through the hard work of the students every day, they finally got very good grades. Many of them were admitted to colleges, some got scholarships at the end of the semester, and they also participated in the statewide competition that they had never been to. In the end, Carter It is also successful to watch them board the nba arena. Coach Carter is an educated coach who not only allowed them to successfully complete their studies, get into elite schools, but also let them all learn real basketball. This story tells us: "As long as you work hard and persevere, you will be successful.

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    You can know the general story content by seeing the name, but the content conveyed by the film is actually quite meaningful.

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    Inspirational movie wonderful

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  • Coach Ken Carter: l came to coach basketball players, and you became students. l came to teach boys, and you became men.

  • Coach Ken Carter: [repeated] Rich what?

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