I love the death of the holy deer

Breanna 2022-04-20 09:01:41

Death of the Sacred Deer

The movie "weird", only geeks make me like it.

Originally, liking a movie is a personal thing, and this sentence is going to be rotten. After watching the movie, I think of those who said that the director was bashing the street, pretending to be a B, and not being in the stream, and I really felt that it was too mean. I heard that there are many metaphors and allusions in the movie, but I don't know it, but I like the death of the holy deer.

I'm just talking about the "Death of the Sacred Deer" that I saw on the surface. (Finally spoiler) At first, black screen, black screen, black screen... Suddenly a heart rushed out, so sudden that I was scared. The whole story revolves around the medical malpractice of the male doctor, drinking and surgery, because the heart died at the beginning, so the son wants revenge. This kind of storyline is not new at all, but it is very interesting to shoot. What impressed me was that the vengeful son (Martin) bit the male protagonist and said that if I touched your wound, it would make you more painful, only... Then he bit off his own flesh and said that only in this way can Let you (referring to the male protagonist) feel better. I searched for relevant allusions and said that "Tit for a tooth" came from the "Old Testament". In fact, I don't understand this. The audience should also know that it means to avenge my son. You killed my father, you are good to me, it is useless , I (Martin) can only feel better with your relatives, one life for one.

The method of revenge, the son also made it clear in the coffee shop, the male protagonist's relatives will die, and there will be three stages before death: 1, loss of consciousness in both feet; 2, no appetite; 3, bleeding and tears. Before the third stage, choose to kill a person, and the revenge is over. The male protagonist's son and daughter all began to go through these three stages. Everyone (referring to the male protagonist's family) began to believe Martin's words. If they didn't do something, everyone would die. Different people will have different opinions. The "opening" of the later plot can be understood as the director's generosity.) Because Martin said that relatives will die one after another, only the male protagonist will not, so the son cut his hair and said that he will decide to become a cardiologist in the future. The doctor; the wife took off her clothes and said that she was still young enough to give birth to a child, as well as a test tube baby, and went downstairs in the male lead's favorite black dress; the daughter sat on the sofa and said that her parents were her own masters and gave her life, saying I have expressed loyalty for a long time, which I understand as "pleasant". The plot here is the most cruel and indifferent, and I like it the most. Because of these bizarre plots that are out of reality, I like them. The relative who was killed was not so much blindfolded and randomly selected, I more believe that the male protagonist made a decision in his heart. Because of watching the director's "The Lobster", he killed love in my heart; in "The Death of the Sacred Deer", he killed family again. I think it is very appropriate for some people to comment on the director's use of "generous". The content of his films are all extremes and extremes. While laughing at blunt love, he finds love in "not allowed"; Described so terribly, calmly. The director gave enough space to let the audience feel it for themselves. The ending never disappoints. There aren't many scary pictures in the movie, but the back made me feel very scary, and when I circled there, my fear rose to an extreme. The more grotesque and fictional the movie is, the more it surprises me, and I feel it is necessary for me to express my love for the Death of the Sacred Deer.

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  • Stephania 2022-03-22 09:01:46

    The Killing of 2 hours of my life

  • Verda 2022-03-24 09:01:49

    What's the use of a good lens? ! Good use of music and not MV! The story is told in a mess, a metaphor for your size! For me, the only keywords are: medical trouble, witchcraft, anxious middle class. Bihanek is not enough.

The Killing of a Sacred Deer quotes

  • Martin: My mom's attracted to you. She's got a great body.

  • Steven Murphy: [about Martin] He's got issues. Serious psychological issues.