A morbid and obscure fable

Scot 2022-04-20 09:01:41

In this year's Cannes competition, two new films co-starring Nicole Kidman and Colin Farrell were shortlisted at the same time, and the awards ceremony was also rewarded at the same time. Compared to Coppola's Best Director's "Under the Peony," this Best Screenplay "Death of the Sacred Deer" is slightly better. I'm guessing the Greek director got Nicole Kidman to work with him after watching Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut, because there are several bed scenes in this new film, and Nicole's pose looks like that from Kubrick's Brick's posthumous works were directly moved over for his own use. From the content point of view, the director also discussed the relationship between husband and wife. The few clips just mentioned that Nicole and her husband Farrell in the bedroom bed are enough to reveal the fragile and even elusive relationship between the husband and wife. It is a pity that the director is more fascinated by the transfer of classical Greek mythology to the plot of modern society to construct a morbid and obscure allegory. Different from the future sci-fi world constructed by the previous work "The Lobster", this fable takes place in the present day that is closely related to our lives. Normally, this story should be more down-to-earth. However, the director's over-exaggerated thriller and suspense genre made the plot bizarre and abstract, constantly deviating from strict logic, and finally fell into an unreasonable ending. However, Lanthimos' author's style has been consolidated. The bizarre photographic composition, the cold tones, and the expressions of the characters with strong ascetic colors all provide the most powerful boost to this morbid horror fable. Many scenes, such as the photography inside the building and the close-up techniques of the characters, can be seen from "The Shining", which is the most handy way of expression. Rick's love.

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The Killing of a Sacred Deer quotes

  • Martin: My mom's attracted to you. She's got a great body.

  • Steven Murphy: [about Martin] He's got issues. Serious psychological issues.

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