Although my male god said this is his top ten of 2017

Percy 2022-04-21 09:02:02

I really don’t understand Yorgos movies very well, I don’t understand lobsters very well, but it seems to make sense anyway, killing a deer is’s absurd, and I don’t understand the title very well either. , can't appreciate it. And I have to complain about Collin's acting skills... I don't have an impression of other films, but it is said that he has been popular for a while and is very lovable, and some people have made his acting videos, but this one... I know he might be trying to accentuate that annoying effect, but it's also possible that he's acting so well that it annoys me to see his expressionless quick remarks.

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  • Thea 2022-03-23 09:01:53

    Actually, it's still a little fun. The form is strong, the music is great, the lines and tone are very characteristic, and it can be a textbook on "how to deliberately create a horror atmosphere with complete sentences and eccentric tone". But the narrative level is really not very good, especially compared to "The Lobster".

  • Alexanne 2021-12-01 08:01:29

    A / Silence and noise, dirty and sacred, Chen Chen Xiangyin's naturalism and mysticism. Each actor's performance is extremely accurate, always maintaining the perception before the abyss, and in the end, he doesn't even care about whether to take a leap. I prefer this one too much compared to another so-called fable that is full of explosions this year.

The Killing of a Sacred Deer quotes

  • Martin: My mom's attracted to you. She's got a great body.

  • Steven Murphy: [about Martin] He's got issues. Serious psychological issues.