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Director Yorgos Lanthimos once hinted at the true ending of the film with the title "The Lobster", this time he chose the title "Death of the Sacred Deer" to illustrate the theme of the film: sacrifice. Through a modern interpretation of ancient Greek tragedy, we connect the questions we face to timeless issues: Do we have the right to sacrifice someone's life for the good of the many? Who holds the power to sacrifice others? Who shirks their responsibility in the name of fate? Who justifies trampling on the lives of others in the name of morality?

The ancient Greek tragedy is different from the individual tragedy we usually understand, it is about the mass tragedy. For thousands of years, this art form has exuded extraordinary charm with the human torture that directly points to the heart, and the tragedy of the protagonist who is trapped in fate but still insists on resistance. As a Greek director, Ogus chose the most Greek expression this time, combined with his unique film style, and brought a new work "Death of the Sacred Deer".

It is still the way to ask the audience questions. The director highlights the theme by changing the story that the Greeks are familiar with, and subtly presets the audience in the position of the accomplice. The real protagonist of the film is not Steven, not Martin, but Kim, the daughter of Iphigenia, who did not take the initiative to sacrifice like Iphigenia. tragic fate.

In order to survive, his wife Anna, daughter Kim and son Bob did everything they could, and despite their ugliness, they were understandable. There is no such thing as a heavier life, or a lighter life, in this world. As a person, survival is the most fundamental power, and people must decide whether to sacrifice for themselves. This is the greatest morality. Saving other people's lives is hailed as a hero, isn't it right to save yourself? We have the right to sacrifice ourselves for others and the right not to be sacrificed by anyone. Like Kim, if she herself doesn't want to be sacrificed like Iphigenia, no one has the right to accuse her of being too selfish, human nature is the same, it's just that she is unfortunate and has to face choices.

In this three-choice sacrifice game, the ugliest ones are Martin, who sets the rules for sacrifice, and Steven, who is extremely indifferent to the death of a patient due to alcoholism. Martin's obsession with homomorphic revenge is only to satisfy his own selfish desires. And Steven committed a crime himself, but evaded responsibility. He raised his gun and used fate as an excuse to end the life of his son Bob, the innocent victim he had already chosen, in the name of protecting two other relatives. .

In ancient Greek tragedies, there were usually choruses, and the creators often expressed their views through the lyrics of the chorus, in order to achieve the purpose of educating the people. In this film, the director also adopted a similar method. He expressed his views through the lyrics of "Burn" sung by Jin. The most essential love is the love of life.

Is self-sacrifice really a virtue? In my opinion, respecting the right of every human being to live is a virtue.

The film begins with the eulogy of the Virgin - Jesus Christ on the cross, the middle of the film is a Christmas carol, and the film ends with Bach's Passion of John, where God did not sacrifice himself, but Jesus.

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  • Dorothy 2022-04-24 07:01:06

    It seems that "The Lobster" is just a small test, and this film is Lanthimos's magnifying trick to expose his bad taste. An angel who looks innocent is actually Satan; a family of doctors who live affluent lives are actually pitiful worms who are burdened with moral dilemmas. The wide-angle shot — the usual way of photography in horror films, is just right here, dark and shaky. PS: Nicole's Law: She takes off in XX, she will play well in XX.

  • Chance 2021-12-01 08:01:29

    Lansmos wants to be a contemporary Kubrick wants to be crazy, right?

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  • Martin: My mom's attracted to you. She's got a great body.

  • Steven Murphy: [about Martin] He's got issues. Serious psychological issues.