From Hegel's Alienation to Marx's Paradise to Anarchist Projects Good Movies Bad Movies

Rachael 2022-09-17 08:41:25

The film can be said to be a standard leftist film. Although the gamer uses a sci-fi narrative, it reflects more classical issues than other leftist films. The film avoids discussing more of the psychology of Singapore and Malaysia, making him a more selling point in a pragmatic continent like the United States. But it also brings a considerable advantage to the film. They describe the problem of alienation more, which can be said to be an artistic treatment of "Principles of Legal Philosophy"; it discusses the grasp of the relationship between self and others after people are alienated. We are reading Phenomenology of Spirit. You can go directly to see it. In fact, artistic and commercial, sometimes I can't tell the difference.

Of course, the film doesn't stop there, it tries to give everyone a way out. Well, American films must all come down to the Messianic spirit. In the middle of the film, we will see that it suddenly abandons Hegel's philosophy of history and directly transitions to Marx's paradise plot. It is still redemption, but it denies that heaven in the sky-that which is constructed by private ownership and empirical metaphysics. The unknowable immortality, the world of bliss. In the director's view, this kind of redemption is obviously impossible to achieve, and it can only be the reason why the castle (the second male also means castle) locks people into the castle of faith, and it becomes the excuse for Kafka's castle to alienate people. The inequality that came into this world, the final bankruptcy of the government because it was too busy maintaining private property, the collapse of the public health insurance system, etc., are all brought about by the paradise of the nobles. If you look at what the revolutionaries said, they were literally what the leftist movement in Europe and America said in the 1960s and 1970s.

So they changed their way of thinking to escape alienation, escape from the free world on earth without "signals", a mortal paradise, so cable (male number one means rope) rushed to the interior of the castle like Comrade Lenin and played in religious music With the accompaniment of , at the entrance of the liberal belief, one by one robot was hit. Of course, cable was also one of them before. Here we can give him an easy-to-understand name. Soldiers on the cruiser Aurora.

But what is the result? Has our Guevara triumphed over himself? Or is it his own credit for struggling from alienation? It's a pity that we still see the same ending as The Matrix III - Neo eliminated Smith under the stimulation of the mother, and the rope cable destroyed the castle with the help of silverton. Everyone should pay attention to the metaphor of silverton if it is a gue in the back? The baby born with the silver spoon, haha, okay, this time, the money and Chrisma have once again been successfully combined. mission accomplished, game over. Of course, when will the United States forget to advocate for the media? How great is the media that inspires people's wisdom by threading and building bridges, noble independence, and pure like a virgin. Where does the British btn feel compared to our American cnn.

Of course I'm not saying that a v-freak like Danton is good for combining the wisdom of relativism with Chrisma, or that a guillotine like Madame Guillotine makes sense. But I want to say leftists, do we have any other solutions. If not are we all wrong?

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