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Kaela 2022-04-21 09:01:51

Since I was a child, I have watched Xing Ye’s movies almost every year. Xing Ye’s films have accompanied me for more than ten years. The only regret is that Xing Ye has stopped acting after the Yangtze River No. 7. I just watched it again. After reading it again, it is still so classic, and I still like it so much, especially the scene of the reunion with Huang Shengyi at the end plus the background and soundtrack, although I have grown up now, but every time I see this part, I still can't bear it I want to cry, now I'm really looking forward to Star Lord's Kung Fu 2 to be released earlier, and support Star Lord
I just took a screenshot when I saw this

I can't stand this picture anymore, Xing Ye's plays are always moving with joy

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Kung Fu Hustle quotes

  • Axe Gang Vice General: Who threw the firecracker?

  • Sing: All right. Now, we will sneak attack and take out that old lady.

    [throws knife, knife richchets off overhang and gets Sing in his right shoulder]

    Sing: Erg... Well, I'll let you try one.

    [stands beside sidekick]

    Sing's Sidekick: [takes knife, accidentally throws backwards, gets Sing's left shoulder]

    Sing: Ack!

    [stands beside sidekick]

    Sing: Look, just take the knife, aim carefully, and throw.

    Sing's Sidekick: [takes knife, winds back to his right, kinfe sticks Sing in his left arm, handle flys off at Landlady]

    Landlady: Who threw a handle?

    Sing: Quick! Take this cage of snakes and throw it at her. The snakes will all bite, and our problem will be solved.

    Sing's Sidekick: [takes cage, winds back over his head, snakes fall out the back of the cage all over Sing]

    Sing: You idiot! Now what am I supposed to do?

    Sing's Sidekick: Try whistling. I've heard that helps.

    Sing: [whistes, two snakes bite him on his lips]