The miracle of a candy bar

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When I was in my third year of high school, Brother Bin, who was one level higher than me and had already been admitted to university, would go back to middle school from time to time to play football with us. Once, after playing football and drinking soda, we asked him how college life was going, and he said: "Going to college is two things, one is to play football, and the other is to fall in love." When he said this, Brother Bin looked resolute and looked far into the distance, and the setting sun reflected colorful rays of light through the glass bottle of Coca-Cola with a dollar in his hand. Through that dazzling beam of light, I seemed to see the majestic scene of Brother Bin fighting left and right on the court of the university campus and hugging and hugging right under the court. And this scene became one of the motivations for me to study hard in my senior year of high school.

When I first went to college, Zhang Chaoyang had just given up looking up at the stars on the grass at MIT, thinking about space and time, and returned to China with the money of Emperor Negroponte. Imitate the path of plagiarism and making a fortune. Without email and QQ, the hot and enthusiastic young people in the university use their legs, hands and lips to communicate more directly and flexibly in every secluded place on the campus; It has become an overwhelming love network that touches major colleges and universities across the country. No PSP and no Winning Eleven, we played football on the sandy field without changing our jerseys, so we gathered people to walk two stops to the snack shop next to Zhuying and risked the gas leak and gas explosion to eat cheap and good quality food. Hot pot is for the sake of seeing the young literary women who are rushing to audition or the hot female model who has just finished shooting a liquor advertisement. In the smog of the spicy hot pot, we drank the Pearl River Beer for 3 yuan and 51 bottles, ate lamb meat for 12 yuan, and pointed out the country with the strength of the wine. The topics of chat are rich and simple, ranging from the universe, the country, the rivers and lakes, to the poetry and books of heroes and beauties. Once, I mentioned what Brother Bin said before, and everyone deeply agreed. After a while, after taking a gulp of beer, the old bear stared at me seriously and said, in addition to playing football and falling in love, there is one more thing to do in college, which is to watch Zhou Xingchi.

Looking at Zhou Xingchi is as important as falling in love and playing football. In addition to Lao Xiong, there are also those social gangs that dangle in the eyes of universities in Beijing and think of girls in their hearts: Tsinghua boys. It was their popularity at Shuimu Tsinghua University that made the big talk about Journey to the West to an inexplicable height, and named Zhou Xingchi as a postmodern deconstruction master, a term that made Zhou Xingchi himself inexplicable, so that he would often be honest in his university lectures. Said: "Actually, I don't know what postmodern deconstruction is."

I'm not a fan of Stephen Chow, I'm not familiar with Stephen Chow's personal information, movie history and classic lines, and I haven't seen most of Stephen Chow's movies, especially the early ones. I just think that what Zhou Xingchi wants to do today is not grand and profound, he probably just wants to seriously make some movies that can live up to his ideals. Taking kung fu as an example, Zhou Xingchi played a gangster in this play. In order to chase women who are full of money everywhere, they want to get ahead by any means, but their attempts to murder, arson, rob, rape and indecently fail every so often. He is reluctant to face up to the fact that he is unwilling to admit the kindness and pure nature of his heart that led to his repeated attempts to do evil, but he blames external reasons such as the fat boy Lin Zicong who followed him. Once in the process of trying to rob the little girl who sells drinks played by Huang Shengyi, a piece of wave candy inspired the kindness and integrity that actually lurked in the deepest part of Stephen Chow, and finally inspired his unique martial arts through adventures. Potential overcomes evil. The main line of the movie is very old-fashioned. In fact, in Stephen Chow's later films, many protagonists have this commonality: they were born in the common people, and they pursue fame and fortune by any means in order to get ahead, but they don't even realize or don't want to realize it. The kind and simple nature, inspired by some small things, often produces decisive power at a critical time, and finally takes the right path and achieves success.

I guess the most fundamental reason why Stephen Chow enjoys this kind of plot is that, whether it is Stephen Chow's life journey or his film history, they actually follow this line.

Zhou Xingchi was born in a poor family and grew up in a single-parent family. He couldn't study, go to university, work and make a fortune. Even going to the artist training class was a little bad. Even Liang Chaowei, who was supposed to accompany Zhou Xingchi in the exam, took the exam. He was on the list but fell off the list, and in the end he had to rely on his relationship to take a night training class. After starting to become an actor, I dig out my mind and want to have more scenes, many of which beg the director to let the role played by him beg the role of running dragons before being beaten to death by Mei Chaofeng. Into the hilltop mansion overlooking the two sides of the Victoria Harbour.

The same is true of his film road. At the beginning, the role arrangements of passers-by Jia, Song Bingyi, 430 shuttle machine, etc., were completely out of his control. After that, the nonsensical laughing drama road was a great success. In Hong Kong and the Hong Kong film industry, Stephen Chow has no choice but to continue on this path. Until he won the Hong Kong box office champion for four consecutive years, and until a certain year, his films accounted for seven of the top ten Hong Kong film box office champions, and even included the top five. Zhou Xingchi took this to the top and achieved his dream. success. Fortunately, unlike Zhang Yimou, whose talent and enthusiasm began with red sorghum and ended in gold armor, his wallet became more bulging and his head became more and more paralyzed. In 1995, Stephen Chow sat in the courtyard of the mansion on the top of the mountain, Looking up at the brightly lit Xiangjiang at night, I vaguely saw that the wave board candy, which has been immortalized or unwilling to face for many years, but has been imprinted in his heart since childhood, flickered like a bright light, so from that year, he began to explore a movie that was similar to his previous films. A different path to cinema.

Westward Journey is the starting point of this new road. Hong Kong audiences who are used to being scratched at the armpit by Stephen Chow before laughing are obviously not used to this transformation and exploration of Stephen Chow. The bleak box office is like a mockery of Stephen Chow by the market. Embrace. Such a blow made Zhou Xingchi wander between the market and ideals in the following years. Fortunately, Zhou Xingchi never gave up the piece of wave candy in his heart. Zhou Xingchi, who had released nearly ten plays in one year, was dormant for two years. Shaolin Soccer. Kung fu pays off, and the box office breaking Hong Kong's historical record finally made Zhou Xingchi firm in the seemingly uninspired but popular Zhou style of kung fu + special effects + comedy.

So three years later, we saw Kung Fu. Although his role in this play is not as much as in the movies he starred in in the past, we can see the more mature Stephen Chow's style and the firmer Stephen Chow's heart. I don't know how many bumps Zhou Xingchi has encountered on this transformational film road, but from the former boss who is flying in the sky, the employees of his own company today, the old partner for many years and even the old lover's unanimous opinion on his film production The harsh, almost morbid demands of the process, the withdrawn, elusive and approachable character, and the stingy paychecks given to the actors, from his "my gray hair is real" remark in an interview , from the paparazzi candid photos of him riding a bicycle in Hong Kong's Victoria Peak late at night, from his less and less smiling but more and more mildly depressed expressions, I can feel him It must be very lonely to walk on this road that is not understood by everyone.

Huang Qiusheng said that the Hong Kong film market is not a bad thing, because it can eliminate the so-called filmmakers who only use movies as a tool to make money but actually lack the love for movies and the basic appreciation and production level. I think, in fact, Stephen Chow is not alone on the road. Just like him, he is persistently pursuing the unreachable but long-lasting wave bantang in a difficult environment. In Hong Kong, there is also Chen Kexin, Wang Jiawei, Liang Chaowei and Liu Qingyun. Huang Qiusheng, Wu Zhenyu, and Jiang Wen, Gu Changwei, and Li Antian are strong in the Chinese circle.

A piece of wave candy does not necessarily make a person a master, but at least it can make him walk on the road of becoming a master.

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