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Xing Ye is old, he no longer mobilizes every organ in his body to make fun, and no longer wears that iconic wretched face.

Xing Ye is old, he no longer makes himself happy, but tries to make the laughter come from the script and other actors.

Lord Xing was getting old, and he began to slowly reveal his true temperament - that face was simply serious and expressionless.

Xing Ye is getting old, and he can finally be his true self in the film, showing his seriousness and dedication to life.

When he is old, he has less self-deprecation and more thinking about his helplessness in life; when

he is old, he chooses the script carefully so that he is not a comedian but a star;

in the "King of Comedy", we saw his metaphor His bitter life experience, in the current "Kung Fu", he has finally achieved positive results and is detached from other things.

"I was getting old, and one day, in the hall of a public place, a man came up to me. He introduced himself, and he said to me: 'I know you, and I will always remember you. At that time, you still Young, everyone says you're beautiful. Now, I'm here to tell you that, to me, I think you're more beautiful now than when you were young. You were a young woman back then, the way you looked then Than, I love your now devastated face.'" - Duras' "The

Lover" Just like the opening of the above novel "The Lover", I love the serious face of Lord Xing more now. Like Shu Qi struggling to put on the clothes she once took off one by one, like Jackie Chan using his works to prove that he is not simple-minded, Xing Ye can finally start a path of his own. Since then, there may be less bitter laughter and scolding in the movie world, but there is one more person in the world who breathes freely.

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