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Kassandra 2022-04-19 09:01:48

Every year, I see a few young and beautiful girls who frequently come and go in the boss's office for a period of time, and then disappear without a trace. A few days ago, I took the initiative to come to the door. I could hear the laughter, laughter and anger inside. The next day, the boss personally called the well-known ophthalmologist of Yuhuangding Hospital to arrange myopia surgery for this girl, including driving a car. Pick up, arrange a female colleague to accompany and pay the bill. The colleague came back to gossip and said that she heard the girl called the boss nickname. She still suspects that she is hallucinating, because the girl is her junior sister and she is only a junior this year. We privately think that the money was well worth the money. The girl has a good appearance and a first-class figure and is young, at least worth more than the previous one, who has a reckless personality and an ordinary face. (Unfortunately, the last one was also a colleague from the same school.) Last year, he studied as a graduate student at Xi'an Jiaotong University. He was called the godfather of boss. The boss was willing to pay her tuition and living expenses for three years.

Jenny concluded by saying that there are no shortcuts to the life I want. From then on, he worked hard to get into Oxford, and later became a well-known journalist. I think it was just her helpless choice after revealing the truth and bruising her self-esteem. Otherwise, what would she do, go to secretary school? No, that was the fall of the smart, beautiful and arrogant Jenny. She really longed for that life, a life of color that wasn't dead superimposed by concerts, fine restaurants, auctions, and Paris, and she was willing to give herself up, including going to bed. She actually knows that there are shortcuts, and she also knows how to create it with youthful beauty. She must have been proud, and expected the man to bow down to the ground and offer all his money and sincere emotions, including love. Her giving up was nothing but disappointment and arrogance. She thought she would be worth more.

For girls, especially young girls, there are actually shortcuts in life. There are many middle-aged and elderly men like my boss who rely on the youth of the girls to prove their success and comfort their aging. As long as some capital is willing to lean down, It has its own Pidianpidian who pays the bill. Although the opportunity once and for all is hard to catch, it can always save some leg effort than others. Talking about vanity, who is more noble than the other, it is just a matter of life.

In the end, what kind of life to live is purely a personal choice of free will, and the way to achieve this life is also purely a choice of one's own. Why choose this way, because there are such parents. Jenny's admiration for vanity is a parent who deeply loves vanity and wants to take shortcuts. Her daughter and strange middle-aged men often go out for the night or even go on trips. The father actually deceives himself and asks, will Aunt Helen also go together? Is it really stupid or just a fluke. Jenny offered it voluntarily, and her parents were complacent. The strict father, who had insisted that his daughter go to Oxford, urged his daughter to accept the proposal in a blink of an eye. Seeing that he was so generous, he even avoided a family investigation. Be confused or would rather deceive yourself than miss any opportunity to climb up. Grandma often said that marrying a daughter-in-law depends not only on how the girl is, but also how her parents are. If her parents were really kind, clean and diligent, the girl would definitely not be there. An unmarried young man with a modest net worth who wants to marry a practical wife should remember.

Not only in the UK, but all over the world, this must be a film that conforms to mainstream values. I'm sorry that the heroine's face is too familiar to me. No matter how innocent and sweet she looks, I know that she is much older than sixteen. I always The aging lines and immature dullness of her face can be found. Is there really no real sixteen-year-old girl in the UK with outstanding acting skills, even if it's not like this killer is not too cold and the orphan is excellent. Mother, you have to make a well-known aunt pretend to be a loli. It is said that the film has received rave reviews, won a lot of awards, and has to hit the Oscars. I think this level is a bit worse. I originally gave it three stars, but for the sake of so many familiar faces, I will give it one more.

ps: In view of the age of this film, girls who follow the retro style of the British academic school can learn to dress up, which is really authentic.

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  • Newell 2021-11-28 08:01:19

    The most extravagance is nothing but a gorgeous encounter at the age of dreaming. It's a pity that the cup is out. If life is not lucky enough to have a shortcut, you have to pay something. It is not a well-behaved, it can only be a price. // "The life I want, there's no shortcut." "I feel old, but not very wise."

  • Aurore 2022-03-26 09:01:05

    When people survive in the world, it is inevitable to experience some trials in life. If you are lucky, you will be stable and stable in your life, while others will be bumpy and bumpy all the way. These are fate. And the road of life requires oneself to go down step by step, there are no shortcuts. ★★★★

An Education quotes

  • Jenny: If you never do anything, you never become anyone.

  • Jack: Knowing a famous author is better than becoming one. It shows you're connected.