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Leonard 2022-04-19 09:01:46

Before the heroine started to write the novel, I didn't feel that the movie had the atmosphere of a novel. I only felt that there were multiple characters surrounding the protagonist, but I didn't expect it to end in this way. I thought it would be the most exciting to end from the bomb. At most, the heroine is rescued. There, it turned out that in order to let Max come back, another scene was added to tell the heroine in reality, which was two more scenes. However, if there is a role of death in the original work, the movie tells the story through death, "I finally When I took her away", the adaptation is still excellent and smooth.

In order to describe the scene where the snoring mother is kind, she went to the classroom to slap her daughter in the face. It was too speechless. In fact, this scene is not at all and it doesn’t matter. The actors have already acted quite vividly. You can also see her kindness in a few details. Grim Reaper also mentioned that Mom can see that Mom is also a flesh-and-blood character. The appearance of this scene may be that the director wants to completely restore the original work.

Another thing that the director made the movie unsightly in order to restore it is the grandfather's conscription scene. Since he can't achieve the narrative ability of the time span as the capital in the original work, why not just take it or omit it? Grandpa went to war for a second and then was bombed back (looks like this in the movie), which did not reflect the role of this plot in the novel, at most it only played a role in strengthening the background feelings of the movie era.

After knowing that this is a movie adapted from a novel, I re-watched the movie, and found that these scenes were not as good as the novel (although I have not read the novel):
1. The reading drama at Mrs. Officer's house, the novel can definitely be described in more detail and sensitivity, the movie It can only do a fantasy shot.
2. Max took advantage of the air raid to go out and play, because he couldn't express the psychological activities of freely changing people's pronouns like the novel.
3. An escape scene with Ruby next door. It can be guessed that if there is something in the original book, it should be a big story, and the performance in the movie is not in place.

These scenes are comparable to novels:
1. All the dramas that show the progress of the love between the protagonist and the boy next door, the Hollywood-style lines are much deeper than the psychological description applied in the novel (I guess).
2. When Max got up for the first time, it was also the ingenious lines and scenes that achieved the psychological feeling that the novel could not.
3. The Christmas scene, for the same reason as above, is that Max's "In my religion..." line is a bit abrupt, and the Jewish words are also, in the novel (I guess) "At this time I saw a strange character..." The description should be more appropriate than what the movie audience sees directly.

Some other thoughts:
1. The heroine's acting is really good, his mother is also very good, and his father is also very good.
2. For some reason, the plot of stealing books is not prominent in the movie at all.
3. It can be seen that in the gap between the film and the novel, the audience/reader's acceptance of the different actions and psychology of the characters is a point worth studying.

Looking at the movie, the director has done a good job of adapting the novel to the movie, rather than "kidnapping the background of the times" as I have seen in some comments. The only piece of evidence that can point to this accusation is that the governor looks so much like Putin.

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