superhero movies in sheepskin horror

Golden 2022-04-19 09:02:08

I have never been in contact with the Hellboy series before, and I saw a shocking GIF on the Internet by chance, probably describing the scene of a demon burrowing out of the ground to slaughter humans. The GIF will not be released. Anyway, it will feel harmonious. Seeing the GIF I immediately went to check the source, a screenshot from "Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen" at about 1 hour and 40 minutes. I thought this would be a pretty good horror movie, but I downloaded it and saved it to open late at night on a weekend, but I was disappointed, it turned out to be a superhero movie in a horror movie sheepskin.

Since we talk about superheroes, I think all audiences will naturally compare the Marvel superhero series. In this comparison, Hellboy seems very shoddy.

The logic of the movie is ambiguous

Not long after the movie opened, Hellboy was invited to England to deal with the giants. Unexpectedly, he was stabbed by his teammates before the war started. If the giants had not appeared in time to cause chaos, it would have been a waste of time at the beginning. The Brotherhood of the Sun God thought that Hellboy and the giants The same is a threat to the existence of human beings, so the logic of wanting to destroy him makes sense, but the male protagonist's adoptive father knew that his godson was going to be plotted, but he didn't remind him, and he took the initiative to send the sheep into the tiger's mouth, which was inexplicable. I didn't see a reasonable explanation at the end of the article.

Similarly, the setting of the Brotherhood of the Sun God is also very naive. It is obvious that the backbone members are over 100 years old and have experienced countless wars, but they seem to be so underestimated. Going out on a crusade and stabbing a teammate before the war is completely incomprehensible. Wouldn't it be beautiful if Hellboy and the giants were allowed to kill each other and finally reap the benefits of the fisherman?

The combat power is erratic.

Hellboy started very powerfully. He threw his former teammates to death with a little force. As a result, before the battle with the giants, he seemed weak and weak. He was easily pierced by an ordinary spear. Can be easily subdued.

The same is true for brown elves. At first, the young children who wanted to replace humans pretended to be humans to spend their whole lives, but their disguise ability was so weak that even ordinary humans couldn’t deceive them. In theory, they were low-level little monsters. As a result, the latter person bravely rushed into the seal site and tore the bragging Sun God Brotherhood to shreds. The resident prophet with a dignified face was also unable to resist, and suddenly became extremely powerful.

The biggest fear of superhero movies is the uneven distribution of combat power, sometimes too strong, sometimes too weak.

To sum up, Hellboy is actually a superhero movie with blood as its selling point, but it seems that all the funds are invested in special effects, and the grasp of the script is really poor. Of course, the special effects are worthy of praise. I hope to finish the script in the future.

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  • Mozelle 2022-04-23 07:02:28

    [2019-043] The rebooted version of Hellboy can't be more ugly. There is no tall feeling at all, the blood queen is too beautiful, Mila is too handsome. This film is bloody, cruel, and violent. It is estimated that many scenes need to be cut in China. The special effects are great. The last two easter eggs, the sword in the stone and the stalks of King Arthur, are really enough to watch, and there is nothing new. The little devil just came out and is super cute. Rated 6.5, not suitable for children

  • Jovanny 2022-03-25 09:01:10

    Smashed 50 million dollars to visually pay for the loss of money in the short term and the good-looking bad film lol. The whole process is laughable, extremely patchwork and chaotic lines, plots and editing, and the CGI obviously lacks budget, compared with the Ron Perlman version. It feels more like the protagonist of Hellboy's stand-in, but under the control of Neil Marshall, he has serious and disgusting special effects make-up, and dares to adopt Blood C-level, bloody and brutal aesthetics in medium-scale commercial film production, as well as the last glimpse. Demons with different models and their own characteristics, etc., make this film indeed have the potential to become a cult classic after N years. . . PS Alice is not so beautiful and unscientific even though sister Mila is over forty.

Hellboy quotes

  • Hellboy: [Police Officer shoots] Hey! I'm on your side!

    Police Officer: Sorry. My bad.

  • Lady Hatton: On an island off the coast of Scotland, something was summoned from the depths of Hell, something that would end mankind.

    Hellboy: And this thing, did it show up?

    Lady Hatton: Oh, yes. You did.