Rotten, really rotten!

Anthony 2022-04-20 09:01:46

It really sucks! One star for IP. Does this version of Hellboy rely solely on the protagonist's undead halo?

The character shape is also shocking, like a changer in the road to survival, if you lift the right glove up, it will be like a bang! The right hand of Destruction is a mallet, it is used to smash walnuts, at least to block the knife? The color difference on the right hand is even more disgusting, like a rusty underground drainage pipe! Is the tail so sticky? Dangdang dripped on the buttocks, no curling, no moving, no spirituality at all. The horns on his head are called dry and numb. When filing with a file, the slag is smashed, and it is still trembling on his forehead. It's like he has never washed his hair. Dad still says that his face is very handsome?

The appearance of the baron when he was a child turned out to be Rasputin's magic thunder blasting out from the broken platform. I am also a thunder! Rasputin, you are the top card of Tsarist Russia. What are you doing in Germany to mix with the Nazis? You see people are jealous of you and want to kill you. And what the hell is your Nazi leader wearing red and blue 3D glasses? But look at the camera next to the Nazis and the conscientious cameraman, you are really making a movie!

The whole film doesn't have any impressive fights. What's interesting is the play between the pig spirit villain and the silent monk. The silent monk uses a small blackboard to write and communicate, but no one reads it. Is the R-grade tablet just sprayed with plasma and then nauseated? The dignified Hellboy was beaten and stabbed all the way, and he was acting handsome in the hallucination. I don't even know if the boss battle can be called a boss battle. Several people were hacked to death with one sword! The two teammates did not arrange for an opponent of comparable strength, and they kept fighting soldiers, and they were knocked down when they encountered a pig who could fight. As for our baron, we killed a mutated teammate at the beginning, killed a boss at the end of the plot, and also gave our teammates a role to play the miscellaneous soldiers.

Is the addition of the female psychic teammates for political correctness? The role of the whole film is to translate the last words, and there is no need for martial arts in the play. Anyway, if you touch the soul, you will die? The catboy teammates are ready to fight against the water and kill the baron at any time. The bullet blows without loss or loss, why don't you fight the boss. The first time you transform, you have to take off your clothes and pants first, but you don't have to do it the second time? The second time the clothes were painted?

Archmage Merlin was sealed and waited for the baron for thousands of years. When he came out of the mountain, he thought he could be a person. As a result, he was issued a good person card after a few words. He turned into a butterfly and was eaten by a bird.

The boss was dismembered and locked in a box for thousands of years, which is also embarrassing for her. In fact, as long as there is an elf with a collection addiction who wants to be resurrected, there is no problem. The rest of the pieces were taken by silent insurers and others, and only one piece was watched with combat power. Yes, there is combat power to look at. The first-year organization fought with giants for centuries, and was destroyed by a group of pigs. Being a boss also embarrassed her. The original subordinates were all cowards, and the pig essence was still fooled by others to help her. No cards, really no cards.

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    The plot is covered in bruises...As an invincible villain, the blood queen eventually died of talking too much, standing still and giving away her head...

Hellboy quotes

  • Hellboy: [Police Officer shoots] Hey! I'm on your side!

    Police Officer: Sorry. My bad.

  • Lady Hatton: On an island off the coast of Scotland, something was summoned from the depths of Hell, something that would end mankind.

    Hellboy: And this thing, did it show up?

    Lady Hatton: Oh, yes. You did.