Can the style-changing hunter cowboy continue?

Alysha 2022-04-20 09:01:46

The IP of Hellboy can be said to be one of my favorite mythical comics in the early days. The first two films are very well integrated in terms of elements, and they feel more like a drama for the film.

In fact, I am a little worried about this restart. The story of the first blood queen is very long in the original book, directly dating back to the era of King Arthur, and the second is the director. The most successful early work was the Dark Erosion series, and the filming of American dramas began. The world famous Game of Thrones series! But there is still a big difference between the length of the American drama and the length of the movie. The control of time, the switching of shots and the storytelling can be said to be completely different. Looking at this time, it can be clearly seen that the director has tried his best to tell the story well without delaying the rhythm, but the bad is that it is too deliberately split and the plot is relatively serious, so the story is for non-original fans. Some are unclear.

Next is style. The blood queen is the most bloody of the three live-action movies, and the degree is also the most satisfying. After all, she is one of the founders of Game of Thrones, and her skills are evident!

Then there are monsters. The monsters in the first two films belong to the grotesque type, and the imagination of the spinning top director is really the best in the world! In terms of styling, he is truly amazing! But compared to the blood queen, there is a lot less blood, and the blood level this time is still very satisfactory.

Next comes the actors, just say one character! Blood Queen! Milla Jovovich's goddess fan is outrageous! Although he is a villain, his aura and beauty are staggering!

In the end, it is the editing, soundtrack, and special effects that cannot be escaped. The story itself is long, the editor's skills are limited, too many switches lead to serious fragmentation of the plot, and the soundtrack is not just right. In terms of special effects, it can only be said that the big scene can pass the test, but in fact, you can see the feeling of the P picture in the details. Sorry for such a big investment.

Generally speaking, if you like this IP, you can watch it, but it is not strongly recommended. Worried about the next one.

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  • Mitchell 2022-04-23 07:02:28

    The last time Neil Marshall made a feature film was nearly ten years ago. The TV drama industry was too tiring. Back then, the one with the most potential to join the mainstream was not Wen Ziren, but who can catch up now? he?

  • Melisa 2022-03-25 09:01:10

    As an R-level fantasy movie, it has all the basic elements, blood, violence, blood, sadism... The hellboy style is somewhat unsuccessful, with too much hair, too long, and not tall enough, but it is in line with the original. .....Latino girls are so beautiful and individual, especially the upturned upper lip.... The Hellboy in the form of a newborn is cute and cute, I looked carefully, the special effects staff were lazy, and there was no chick. Finally The few giant monsters that appeared on the scene were very eye-catching, but the playing time was too short to be enjoyable.

Hellboy quotes

  • Hellboy: [Police Officer shoots] Hey! I'm on your side!

    Police Officer: Sorry. My bad.

  • Lady Hatton: On an island off the coast of Scotland, something was summoned from the depths of Hell, something that would end mankind.

    Hellboy: And this thing, did it show up?

    Lady Hatton: Oh, yes. You did.