Commercial film routines, mainly watching Mila and David...

Tatum 2022-04-20 09:01:46

Mainly for starring David Harbour like! After watching the American drama "Stranger Things", I was quite impressed by his role as a father. However, the plot falls into a cliché, and the more serious running accounts affect the viewing experience. But the Baron's final full body look is really handsome! Compared with the previous baron, it is more amusing and childish.

Regarding the movie itself, for children's shoes who haven't read the comics, the characters inside may be unfamiliar. It is not friendly to those who watch the movie directly. There is no plot foreshadowing, the transition is too hard-core, and the relationship between the various factions is not mentioned. I understand, I'm in a fog anyway...

Regarding the rating, the subjective feeling is ok. If you like plasma movies, you can watch it. As a popcorn movie, it is not very easy to eat. There is no point to discuss after watching it. However, the ending egg indicates that there may be a sequel, looking forward to David's wonderful performance and Mira Will it make a comeback.

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