After more than ten years, my favorite "devil" is finally coming back!

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At the just-concluded 91st Oscars, "Black Panther" won three technical awards for Best Art Direction, Best Costume Design, and Best Original Score, creating Marvel history! !

The animated film "Spider-Man: Into the Parallel Universe" lived up to expectations and won the "Best Animated Feature Film", making it another win for Marvel. It can be said that Marvel is too competitive and too beautiful at this Oscars ceremony.

Thinking of the 1.87 billion "Venom" and "Aquaman" 2.012 billion, which have created a new record box office achievement for superhero single-person movies, it is not difficult to see the audience's fanatical pursuit of this heroic "cool movie".

At present, the superhero blockbuster that Xiao Lizi is most curious and looking forward to is "Hellboy: The Rise of the Blood Queen" .

Don't look at this big man with a ferocious face, he looks quite scary, and at first glance looks like a complete villain. In fact, he couldn't be more outspoken and cute.

Described in a lyric, "I'm ugly but I'm gentle. I'm cold on the outside, frenzied on the inside, but I never back down."

Compared with Superman, Batman, Captain America, Hulk, etc., Hellboy may not have such a broad mass base, and most people are hearing this name for the first time. But believe me, if you get to know him, you will be deeply indulged in his different charm.

Who is Hellboy?

To get an idea of ​​who he is, we first start by filling in the blanks behind the name.

Hellboy (Hellboy), is a character under the American Dark Horse Comics, created by the cartoonist Mike Mignola (Mike Mignola).

This is the third largest comics company after DC and Marvel. Its works are all like thunder, and its representative works include "Alien vs. Predator", "Star Wars", and "Greek in Disguise".

Seeing these works, you can know that this is an independent comic company that specializes in dark, gothic, and alternative styles.

The name "Hellboy" has a certain relationship with his background.

Comic book writer Mike borrowed from the biblical mythology system. His father was Azazel, Duke of Hell, the ancient Babylonian god who ruled over witches. The position in hell is no less than that of Satan.

His mother was a witch named Sarah Hughes, who was also a descendant of King Arthur's blood.

"Hellboy - Coffin in Chains" shows how Azazel took an ex-witch he loved to hell and suggested that she was already pregnant with his flesh and blood, which is Hellboy.

It is not difficult to see from the comics that his weird right hand was not born, but was grafted to him by his father when he was born. (As for how the right hand of destruction was created, and how it fell into the hands of Hellboy's father, it is another very long story. If you are interested, you can find the comics for yourself.)

In other words, Hellboy is not only the prince of hell, but also the only male descendant of King Arthur's bloodline, and the bloodline is truly noble.

In the first two films directed by Guillermo del Toro, one of the "Three Heroes of Mexico" and director of "The Shape of Water" and "Pacific Rim", Hellboy was summoned by the Nazis at the end of World War II to destroy the world. come to earth.

Later, this plan was sabotaged by the Allies, and Professor Bloom adopted the little monster and named it Hellboy.

As you can see in the picture, Hellboy was still a baby when he was first summoned, basically a red boy. His whole body is fiery red, with horns on his head and a tail on his back. The most conspicuous thing is his huge and powerful right hand, which is said to be the key to the end of the world.

Growing up, Professor Bloom discovered the kind side of his character. Later, he worked in the BPRD (Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense) to find a job as an investigator for Hellboy, whose main job is to destroy those creatures that breed in the dark.

In order to better integrate himself into human society, and to resist the invasion of dark forces, he sawed off the horns on his head with his own hands. But even so, the horns are still growing.

Hellboy's superpowers and preferences

As the son of the Duke of Hell, he is immune to fire attacks and fire magic, and the Right Hand of Destruction is immune to any attack. With almost no pain and infinite strength, he has a powerful physical attack ability.

At the same time, he can also communicate with some creatures in the dark.

The most impressive thing is that in the first "Hellboy", he summoned a talking skeleton from the coffin to ask for directions.

When he was secretly dropped into the abyss, he shouted "I might as well die", which made people laugh out loud, with his own ranting temperament, it was really cute??

In life, he likes to eat pancakes, drink beer, and smoke. His favorite is cigars. He can smoke nine packs a day. After all, the devil doesn't have to worry about getting lung cancer.

The existence of self-entanglement

In "Green Book", the black pianist Dr. Shirley said, "I'm not white enough, not black enough, or even manly enough, so who am I?"

The same question has been lingering in Hellboy's heart.

Although he is reckless and blunt by nature, it does not mean that he is rough.

Working as a civil servant in a state agency, chasing and killing creatures in the dark with a pistol every day, sounds like a lonely hero, and it is an enviable job. But no matter how much he contributed, the appearance of the devil is destined to never be known by the human world, and he cannot enjoy the admiration of everyone like Superman, Iron Man, and Captain America.

People will only deny him based on preconceived impressions that he is an ugly devil who does all the bad things, and will point guns at him without questioning.

This human society, which he has devoted all his energy to protect, brings him only endless ridicule and coldness.

On the other hand, every time the villain that appears will brainwash him, you are the descendant of the Duke of Hell, destroying the earth is your destiny, you can never escape!

Between the human beings he has hurt, used, but also taught him to love, and his own race, who he will choose has always been a deeply curious point.

The established destiny and Hellboy's contradictory self-knowledge collide with each other, making the story more tense and conflicting.

Highlights of the reboot

The main lineup of the rebooted version of "Hellboy: The Rise of the Blood Queen" has undergone a major change, but it is still very quality guaranteed.

Director Neil Marshall, who has directed many well-known American dramas such as "Game of Thrones", "Westworld" and "Hannibal", took the baton from Guillermo del Toro and served as the film director. I believe his addition will bring more epic sense to the film.

The new version of "Hellboy" is played by "Stranger Things" "Sheriff" David Harbour.

Since he received this role, he has started to train muscles with fitness coach Don Saladino. After various weight machines, his beer belly has lost weight, and he looks a lot stronger.

The stills are even more shocking.

Sasha Lane, best known for her role in "American Sweetheart," is also in the cast.

Alice Monaghan was kidnapped by Fairy when she was very young and later rescued by Hellboy. This experience made Alice Monaghan no ordinary, in addition to delaying her aging In addition, she can see magical creatures invisible to the naked eye, and is now Hellboy's colleague and friend at BPRD.

The veteran actor Ian McShane also joined the film.

Captain Blackbeard in "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides", Odin, the Norse God in the popular American TV series "American Gods", and the owner of the hotel where the killers gathered in the "Speed ​​Attack" series, etc. A character we are very familiar with.

"Pirates of the Caribbean 4" stills

"American Gods" Season 1 Stills

In "Hellboy: The Rise of the Blood Queen" he plays the paranormalist Professor Bloom, the discoverer of Hellboy and his adoptive father.

"Resident Evil" female lead Milla Jovovich has been upgraded to the villain.

It is not difficult to see from the preview that compared with the literary and artistic settings of the first two works, the film has a grander scene on the basis of maintaining its darkness and humor. The appearance of all kinds of strange monsters and the scenes of all kinds of gunfights are more burning and refreshing! More visual impact!

Every time I watch the trailer, the second soul in my body will burn, which is so cool, I really want to go to the big screen to brush it again! ! !

A big villain with a big backing

The villains in the Hellboy franchise have always been strong.

In the first part, his opponent is the evil Nazi wizard, the hellhounds summoned by Hellboy, every time one is killed by Hellboy, two will be reborn, causing him a lot of trouble. Not only that, but finally killed the evil Nazi wizard at the end, only to summon the devil? ? The devil is too hard...

In the second film, his opponent is Prince Ada, a tyrant who can walk in both worlds. After collecting all three pieces of the crown, he summoned the golden army that is invincible, has no emotions, no flesh, and can be reborn without pain. It made Hellboy one head and two bigger.

In the restarted version of "Hellboy: The Rise of the Blood Queen", the opponent was replaced by a witch who had an outstanding combat power - Nimue, also known as the Blood Queen.

Merlin, you know? He is a legendary magician in English and Welsh mythology. He is powerful and full of wisdom, predicts the future and changes shape. He is famous for helping King Arthur to ascend to the throne and has left many deeds.

But it was such a legendary magician who fell into her hands.

In the film, the blood queen will join forces with demon henchmen, these Cthulhu-style monsters will cause a devastating blow to Hellboy and his partner.

But Hellboy, who has grown horns again, is burning with the fire of hell, and holds the sword in the stone in the legend of King Arthur, seems to be quite difficult to mess with, and there will be a hard battle between the two.

One detail to note here is that the flames of Hellboy in the new version of Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen form a crown shape compared to the flames in the first film.

It is said to be a demon artifact - the Crown of Revelation. The wearer will gain the power of the Apocalypse Beast and bring about the end of the world.

Hellboy is about to usher in his destiny again...

What makes a man a real man? Is it a person's origin, or his way of life? I think neither. I think it was the choice he made, not how he chose to start, but how he chose to end.

How will Hellboy choose this time, and what surprises the new version of "Hellboy: The Rise of the Blood Queen" will bring us, we will wait and see!

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Hellboy quotes

  • Hellboy: [Police Officer shoots] Hey! I'm on your side!

    Police Officer: Sorry. My bad.

  • Lady Hatton: On an island off the coast of Scotland, something was summoned from the depths of Hell, something that would end mankind.

    Hellboy: And this thing, did it show up?

    Lady Hatton: Oh, yes. You did.