The best Hellboy movie, no one, welcome to debate!

Dillon 2022-04-23 07:02:28

This is the best Hellboy movie I've ever seen, bar none. Welcome to the debate. But if you don't read the original manga, sorry, I don't have time to deal with you.

When you first read it, please don't be fooled by a superficial sense of cheapness. If you watch it patiently, you will find surprises: the most important thing is the story rhythm of the original comics, the refreshing fights, the pleasure of blood-stained faces, and the bloody heavy metal. BGM...all of this will make you feel like it's worth it to "see"!

Especially the last hell creatures slaughtered the Quartet on the streets of London, I was really amazed by the shape of these demons, cruel, evil, bloody, just like the feeling of hell in a nightmare.

There is no harm if there is no comparison. You go and see the just-released Thunder Fool, The Seven Deadly Sins, the famous lord-level demon, and the highest-ranking demon in the Key of Solomon. In order to cater to the public's taste, he was portrayed as a few cute The image of the miscellaneous soldiers in the video game, the feeling of weak chicken and fish makes me feel sorry for them as a human...

Hellboy movies are meant to be like this! Don't think like the first two films, for the sake of all ages, you insist on going the way of mainstream superhero movies, and you can't do it.

This is a comic with a darker wind, it's right to go your own way!

Whether it's big companies like DC and Marvel, or small companies like Dark Horse and Image, if you like the style of mainstream superheroes who are aloof and sanctimonious, and indulge in the greasy and positive energy of Team America and Holland, I advise you You don't have to go in the muddy waters of "Hellboy, Constantine, Spawn, Blade" and so on.

They are dark heroes of both good and evil, they are bastards most of the time, and they have done a lot of bad things; they are not perfect, timid and selfish, or have a dark side in their hearts and make mistakes, aren't they closer to us ordinary people? But at critical moments, they (us ordinary people) can also burst out the courage to fight and sacrifice to protect others!

We are Antiheroes, we will never join the Zhenglian or the Women's Federation! Thanks!

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Extended Reading
  • Shaylee 2022-03-27 09:01:09

    Mira's devil head reappears in the arena. Too much spooky content. This version is still very sad.

  • Roselyn 2022-03-27 09:01:09

    The language of the film is very weak, just the expressiveness of the shots, the editing, the rhythm and so on. The characters are also very flat, not too interesting. So is the plot. . . Anyway, looking at the art effect, the monster design is quite fun. The action scenes are also lacking in imagination, the protagonist's actions are not good, and the performance is also lacking in personality. In the end, the part where the monsters and monsters crawled out of the ground to kill people was really interesting. As soon as I started to get interested, it was over. . . .

Hellboy quotes

  • Hellboy: [Police Officer shoots] Hey! I'm on your side!

    Police Officer: Sorry. My bad.

  • Lady Hatton: On an island off the coast of Scotland, something was summoned from the depths of Hell, something that would end mankind.

    Hellboy: And this thing, did it show up?

    Lady Hatton: Oh, yes. You did.