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Stuart 2022-12-12 20:13:24

To be honest, if such a movie knows the ending early, the pleasure of watching the movie will be greatly reduced. The biggest investment in the film is nothing more than the salaries of the actors, but such a script is also worthy of a character such as Robert De Niro and a small actor such as Dakota Fanning.
The style of the whole film is very dark and the atmosphere is very strange. There are not many characters, but all of them are brilliant, including the neighbors who lost their daughters and the young divorced women they meet by chance, which can divert the attention of the audience and increase the suspenseful color of the film. What is commendable is that little Fanning can perfectly interpret a child who has lost his mother's love and affection in terms of eyes and expressions, which is very surprising for a child actor of this age. Dilated pupils, pale face, I don't know if such a small actor can understand whether it is lucky or unfortunate. But what is clear is that she manages to be the biggest suspect in the film right from the start.
Extremely abusive films such as "Fight Club", "Deadly ID", "Secret Window" are very brain-burning but easy to produce high-quality products, and "Hide and Seek" can only be regarded as the middle and lower level in this category, such films are very Controversial plots are prone to occur, and the film is not lacking in this. The only thing that makes sense in the film is that the little girl is also a schizophrenic, otherwise the jokes in the plot will be too big. Of course, on the whole, the big frame of the film still has no loopholes, it is very worth watching, in order to No spoilers, I hope the audience can experience it for themselves. From Sandy

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