female power

Noelia 2022-12-04 00:47:13

The first time I watched this drama, I couldn't watch the first episode because it was too heavy and depressing. I recently started watching it again, and after finishing it in one breath, I still feel depressed. Society often does secondary harm to the victim. When the victim shows imperfect characteristics, or when the victim calmly cooperates with the perpetrator, or when the victim is unwilling to speak up, people can always find excuses to blame and question the victim . The aggression itself plus the harm caused by law enforcement/judicial departments and public opinion will bring great psychological trauma to the victim.

Three years later, all the hard work the two female detectives are putting into their new case is heartening, and their interactions with their victims are in stark contrast to the male cop and the heroine in the first episode. What impresses me most is how often Detective Duvell says "You don't have to explain yourself" to his victims. My biggest touch is how important women's participation in law enforcement and the justice system is.

In addition, the heroine has been in the foster care system, and the unstable upbringing environment has made her full of despair for the whole social system, so when she was asked what she would do if everything started over again, she said that she would admit herself earlier lying. Fortunately, her case was rehabilitated three years later, which relieved my suffocating sigh.

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