The seemingly in-depth science fiction ethics drama actually has many bugs.

Emmalee 2022-12-24 21:28:06

First of all, there is no good explanation in this film why the robot mother (and this mother is actually the AI ​​that destroys the old human outside, if not the same or at least a subsystem) to create a perfect Virgin human (that is, a more ethical human beings), since you have said that your own race is so good, why do you still make the Virgin? Playing as a pet?

Just because it was programmed to make the Virgin and Human? I don't see the point of this motivation at all. Why make a creature that is vulnerable to the Virgin Mary under conditions that strictly require a lot of education and upbringing? Well, it is said that the setting is set.

Human beings are inherently selfish, and those behaviors that are not selfish, and those who are kind-hearted are actually just the result of excellent tutoring, and the education cost required for such tutoring is also very large.

In other words, the robot mother took pains to make a perfect human, and then let it go because the person said leave me alone. (However, he said that all robots have the same consciousness, and the one that was "killed" with a gun was just one of the shells.) And this perfect human being is actually the result of his manipulation of various conditions in a closed environment. If the heroine loses this perfect closed environment, she can't be a perfect human at all. It is normal to change back to a selfish human nature. To maintain the existence of a perfect human being must continue to maintain the conditions of that closed environment.

Anyway, he said it himself:

Personally agree with this sentence very much, this point should be strongly praised.

This setting seems very unreasonable. The real plot should be: the robot mother was tired of it early in the morning, but because of the program instructions to continue to do this unfinished thing, he may need a human to tell him not to do it any more, and finally got this girl in red. command from the Lord, so you can just let it go.

But the plot is very vague and does not reveal his real motives. Then it leads to the lack of completeness of the cause and effect of the whole story.

And why does the lady in red dress desperately try to save a younger brother who hasn't been born yet? I don't have any feelings yet, but it is disgusting to set the Virgin too much.

In the end, it seems to imply that the robot mother killed the white woman in seconds. The woman in white was obviously the sample of the previous experiment. For some reason, she escaped by herself (of course, this must have been tacitly approved by the robot mother, otherwise all his people outside would not have escaped at all), and then she was covered by the AI ​​all the time. Consider it an experimental sample. In the end, the robot mother asked him, "Do you feel that you are covered until now?" That is to say, you will not live from now on? It feels like a complete failure.

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